The easiest way to save money while shopping

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

I’ve never been one to scour newspapers and mailings for coupons; I’ve never been a coupon clipper because the few times that I did take the time to cut out a coupon and set it aside to get 50 cents off that lipstick I really wanted, it collected dust in the back of my junk drawer or was never to be seen again. Does this sound like you?

No coupon clipping for me, but instead I peruse the internet for deals and coupon codes, often for upwards of 20 minutes trying to find a promotion that actually works. In the end, I usually feel defeated knowing I wasted so much time only to come across 10 expired deals.

Well, now I have the solution to my coupon problems: Groupon Coupons. Yup, you heard it, not only is your easiest savings a fun rhyme, but it’s sooo much easier and more accessible than clipping and endless internet searching for broken links and expired codes.

The Easiest Way to Save Money While Shopping

how it works

1. Go to Groupon Coupons before you go shopping

2. Search the daily offers or search coupons by store or category


3. For instance, if I know I’m shopping at Sephora, I would type Sephora in the search bar and see what deals are available.

Groupon coupon

Today, there are 68 coupons available, including deals for online and in-store – perfect!

Sephora deals

4. There are 64,567 free coupons at 10,195 stores, so you’re bound to find exactly the deals you’re looking for, without the annoying clipping or searching online.

Lasting thoughts

There you have it – the absolute easiest way to save loads of money online. I never shop without first consulting Groupon Coupons’ deals, and I hope to save you money with my little frugal tip!