Simple Theme Day Costumes- It's Simply Lindsay

My normal fashion theme routine was somewhat interrupted when my school had homecoming week, which comes with my favorite time of the school year – theme days!  I notoriously put in at least ten times the effort of the students when it comes to the costumes, but hey, I have a reputation to uphold. (See last year’s Effie costume as a reference.)

These simple costumes can be used for office or school theme days, parties, or Halloween. The theme days were: ‘Merica Monday, Superhero Tuesday, Powder Blue Wednesday, and Pajama Thursday.

The rest of the month I’m participating in an October fashion challenge with a group of people in Instagram – some of the themes look challenging, but I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to interpret the themes and hope you join along with me! To join in, visit me on Facebook and Instagram, post your pictures, and use the hashtag #wearwhatwhereoctober.

Simple Theme Day Costumes

Since I knew the school halls would be flooded with traditional American red, white, and blue, I opted for this seafoam green Statue Of Liberty ensemble. This one-size-fits-all drapey gown fit comfortably, and draped surprisingly beautifully for it costing only $18! People commented on how strangely realistic the outfit looked, I think because the color is spot on. The crown is made of foam, which I loved, because wearing headbands or hats all day give me a headache. I foresee many uses for this costume in the future. Please admire the lovely draping as I awkwardly stand for a picture.

Simple Theme costumes: It's Simply Lindsay

For Superhero Day, I took the wonderful suggestion of my co-worker and created the ultimate superhero – Super Mom. What’s even more super is that you can create this costume with things you have laying around at home. I created an emblem with felt and safety pinned it onto a t-shirt. I used a baby blanket as a cape and attached my favorite picture of my daughter to the back of the cape with a pins. I added Super Mom’s heart symbol to my headband and a thick, waist-cinching belt, perfect for adding items to. I attached baby toys, a stuffed animal, bib, baby monitor, and teether to my belt, threw on my comfiest sweats, and there you have it – Super Mom.

image2 (3)

The next theme was class color day, so each grade level and faculty had a collective color – the faculty’s color was powder blue. Of course I had to think outside the box and couldn’t simply show up wearing a blue shirt like everyone else – no! There’s always a fun opportunity for a costume. I made a simple Care Bear outfit (even though I’ve been told I’m doing a rabbit pose and look like a mouse). I was stunned by the amount of students who didn’t know who the Care Bears were, but nevertheless, I was happy with my look. I used felt and tacky felt glue to create this costume, complete with a red heart on my back (not pictured). I attached the ears with glue to a headband and completed the look with makeup: extra peach and pink blush, blue eye shadow to my lids and under my eyes, eyeliner freckle/whisker marks, and a heart on my nose. This would be a great group costume with various Care Bear colors.

Simple Theme Day outfits: It's Simply Lindsay

The last day was pajama day. Oh, what a glorious day! (Although I actually do love getting dressed up for work.) I couldn’t come up with anything crazy for this look, so I chose a bright color and fun patterned pj set with fuzzy slippers. I did minimal makeup and actually spent time on an “I woke up like this bedhead” look. I used a texturizing spray at my roots and mid-shaft, then tousled my hair with my fingers, roughing it up a bit. Then I used a teasing comb and messily teased my crown and a bit of the length for a more dramatic effect. The great news was that my hair could not be messed up all day – the messier, the better! I brought Huggie, my teddy bear, and blanket.

Simple Theme Day outfits: It's Simply Lindsay

So what do you think? Do you have a use for any of these simple theme day costumes?