simply delicious sundae cake It's Simply Lindsay

Does it ever happen to you when out of nowhere, you just want cake? Silly question, of course that happens. Well, that happens to me too. Actually, what usually happens is that I want cake batter, but ending up with a scrumptious cake is a sweet byproduct of my batter craving.

My mom makes the most delicious cakes, and historically, I make the worst cakes. Even though I always follow the recipes step-by-step, somehow that moist, fluffy champagne cake turns into a dense, beer flavored brick by my very touch. Not the most impressive skill to have.

In an effort to avoid any baking mishaps, I skipped my mom’s homemade cake batter and opted for a box mix, making an equally delicious, fool-proof, easy peasy chocolate sundae cake. This is a great birthday cake – in fact, it’s my dad’s cake of choice every year, but I would also make it for other special occasions or heck, just because. It’s so simple but tastes very decadent and special.

Mom’s Simply Delicious Chocolate Sundae Cake


Devil’s Food cake mix

Oil or applesauce

Eggs (follow cake’s instructions – mine used 3)

Heavy whipping cream

Hershey syrup


Follow the instructions on your boxed cake mix.

Once your batter is mixed, take out half a cup and put in a separate, small bowl.

Add 1/2 cup of Hershey syrup to the 1/2 cup of cake batter. Mix with a spoon.

Pour your batter into greased baking pans (I used two 9 inch round pans).

Spoon the additional syrup/batter mixture evenly on top of your cake and swirl it into the batter in the cake pans. Cook according to the cake’s instructions.

While the cake is cooking, why not make the frosting?

Mix 1 cup of cold whipping cream with 1/3 cup of Hershey syrup to start. There is really no exact science here; you can adjust the amount of chocolate to your taste, and if you need more because you heavily sampled like I did, just add some more cream and syrup. No need to measure, really.

Beat it until the mixture is no longer liquidy; you want it slightly thick (not runny at all), but not over beaten – then you will have chocolate butter. I’m not complaining about the idea of chocolate butter, but it won’t work well for your cake.

Wait until the cakes are completely cooled before removing and frosting. I like to frost a layer between the cakes for added goodness, and then I drizzled some extra syrup on top.

Concluding thoughts

I’m never a chocolate on chocolate type of girl, but the lightness of the whipped cream frosting makes it a perfect, delicate balance for the chocolate cake as opposed to a typical buttercream frosting. What is your favorite cake recipe?