Simply Healthy Deli Boats - It's Simply Lindsay

When I find foods I like, I generally can eat them everyday. This works well for planning lunches for work but can get monotonous, especially over the weekend when I generally crave something more substantial. My go-to lunches are my Simply The Best Healthy Tuna Salad, cherry tomatoes with cottage cheese, or hard boiled eggs.

Over the weekends, when I’m off my normal scheduled routine, I am hungrier than usual. Because of this, I find myself wanting to go out and eat a bigger lunch, usually something not good for me. I’m able to resist, but if you find yourself getting off track at any point, check out my tips on how to get back on track. Anyway, this weekend my husband made these deliciously filling, completely healthy deli boats that satiated my desire to eat something bad for me…except they’re not!

Not only are these simple to make, these deli boats are pretty, soooooo tasty, and fun to eat. I seriously now prefer this to a traditional sandwich and it’s easier to eat and assemble it as a ‘boat’ (as I call it) than a wrap.

Simply Healthy Deli Boat


  • Fresh, crisp lettuce
  • Deli meat
  • String cheese
  • Relish
  • Mustard
  • Cherry tomatoes

Simply healthy deli boats - It's Simply Lindsay


  • Wash and dry lettuce. Pull off the leaves; these will be your boats.
  • Layer on deli meat of choice – I used chicken and roast beef.
  • Place a whole string cheese on top of meat. I love Weight Watcher’s string cheese, plain and jalapeno.
  • Add your desired condiments, such as relish, mustard, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Eat like a taco and enjoy.

This simple and healthy treat is great for lunch or a snack and is a great alternative to messy lettuce wraps that don’t keep their shape. I promise you won’t even miss the bread, but try for yourself and let me know.

How would you customize your deli boat?