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*I received products in exchange for an honest review. I stand behind any products I recommend 100%. This post contains affiliate links.

I take my skincare very seriously these days. After years of hiding behind layers of makeup during periodic breakouts and having hyperpigmentation , I decided to take charge of my skin. When I started my Everyday Skin Routine and found products that actually worked for me, I felt I finally understood my skin. Now when I consider adding and trying new products, I don’t take it lightly. Gone are the days of trying every drugstore product and switching each month in a desperate search to find products that worked for me. I love drugstore products, don’t get me wrong, but I needed something more.

Any products I recommend come from thorough research and time invested in trying them so I can provide honest assessments. So here you are, some of my favorite new products from Toulon.

I already knew and trusted Toulon because of their amazing eye cream, great for puffiness, wrinkles, and tired-looking eyes. As a working mom, I have really benefited from giving my eyes the extra love and care they need.

Skincare Products That Work

Over the last few months, I used the Vitamin C Serum , Replenishing Body Creme, and Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer. First, I love the packaging. Each product comes in an adorable box with a different colored trademark Toulon design on it, which corresponds with the product itself. But more than the pretty packaging comes the high-quality skincare products that actually work.

Anti aging serum

I was initially drawn to the sleek mirrored bottle of this serum and love that it’s a pump dispenser. I only need one or two pumps for my face and neck. This serum smooths nicely over my face, leaving no stickiness or residue. Let me tell you, it has done wonders for my hyperpigmentation. No, my skin is not perfect, but I can now leave the house makeup free without complete embarrassment and changed my fresh face concealing routine to include only a thin layer of foundation versus the concealer-foundation-concealer routine that worked for my old skin.

Best uses: 

– fading scar pigmentation

– brightens dull skin, including under eyes

– reduces pores and fine lines

– does all of this without causing breakouts or clogging pores

Replenishing Body Creme

This body creme works well at diminishing scars, bruises, and stretch marks. While I was lucky to get through pregnancy without belly stretch marks, I did have some light-colored stretch marks on my thighs/butt from their stretching during pregnancy, a truly lovely side effect of growing a person in your body. Additionally, I used this creme on the dark line you get on your belly from pregnancy and on some scars on my arms. I used this unscented, luxe feeling creme twice a day and have noticeable improvement on all areas of use.

Best uses: This would be great for anyone looking to diminish stretch marks from pregnancy or weight fluctuation, burn marks, bruises, or other scars.

Favorite aspects:

– not greasy

– quick absorption

– feels luxurious and expensive

– visible results

Anti Aging Wrinkle Repair

Initially I thought this would be a good product for me in terms of taking preventative anti aging measures. I never knew about anti aging products or how they would work for me. However, I learned this is much more than preventative wrinkle care. I’m always concerned about putting new products on my face because I’m prone to breakouts; however, this creamy, rejuvenating lotion actually helps clear blemishes, clogged pores, and even cystic acne while brightening dull skin and reducing fine lines. Turns out this is my little miracle product wrapped up in one jar!

Lasting thoughts:

Overall, I truly put my trust in Toulon products. They impress me every step of the way, from packaging, customer service, and educating customers to providing luxe products that actually work and are affordable. They stand behind their products with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction, so you can confidently buy their products without worrying you’ll waste your money if they don’t work. But trust me, you’ll love them as much as I do.

Where to buy

Are you like me and buy everything on Amazon? I love that Toulon products have incredible sales and savings through Amazon, and they provide coupon codes, too!

Eye Cream

Vitamin C Serum

Body Replenishing Creme

Anti Aging Face Moisturizer

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If you have questions about these products, leave me a comment! Which products appeal to you?