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To celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I’m teaming up with Melissa, the creator of LatchPal, to share the joys, struggles, and humors of real breastfeeding moms along with an incredible giveaway! Thank you to Melissa and other Chicagoland mommas for opening up about your experiences; hopefully you can connect with, relate to, and laugh with these women’s experiences. Looking forward to hearing your own stories in the comments.

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Tales from Nursing Moms Plus Breastfeeding Giveaway

Melissa LaHann, LatchPal by Happy Fig

“I loved nursing my son, not only did I enjoy the intimate moments and bonding time but it’s created a closeness between us that continued far beyond breastfeeding. While our journey was a wonderful one, there were periods of sleep deprivation, exhaustion, missed hunger cues, milk spills, and other humbling moments as we learned to breastfeed together.

In hindsight, not only was I learning to breastfeed, but I was learning how to be a mother, how to nurture, and I had newfound empathy for those who’d traveled this path before more. For the first time in my life, I was maxed to the limit: physically, emotionally, and psychologically, but somehow in the midst of it all, it made me into the best version of myself; I was doing more with less and accomplishing things I never knew were possible.

As it turns out, the more I talk with new moms; the more I realize I’m not alone in my experience. So many of us have pushed through the trying moments and laughed at ourselves in the midst of embarrassing ones. It’s these moments that we reflect on, smile about, and unite each of us even though our breastfeeding journeys may have come to an end.

As we celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month, Moms, and the all things breastfeeding I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few memories from local moms…”

that’s what she said

“That moment when your baby sleeps in your bed, sideways, pushing you to the edge… (but it’s worth it because) you can nurse in bed & get those 15 extra minutes of sleep.” Danielle Niermann

“You find those damn nursing pad wrappers ALL OVER your house! Why are they so staticky???” Kelly Weber

“When my daughter was about a month or two old, my husband left for the day. He came back from work and I was in the same spot, doing the same thing and of course….he asked, ‘qaDid you move at all today?’” Jasmine Jafferali-Whitehead

“I go to burp (my son) and he does a baby projectile vomit across the room as only a 3-day old baby can.”  Serena Yuen-Beltz 

“I knew my son was teething, but hadn’t realized his teeth had come in until he chomped down on my nipple, looked up at me and smiled.”  Melissa LaHann

“You walk through Target, shopping for nursing friendly tops, with baby in one hand (attached to boob) and Starbucks in the other.” Nicole Meyer

My first time nursing in public was both by accident and was a disaster. I took my 5-month-old baby out to eat at a nice restaurant with my mom- I wanted to stay home to comfortably nurse, and the thought of nursing in public and dealing with a crying baby in public terrified me. My mom insisted it would be great and she would help. Cue screaming child as my filet is served- in a panic, my mom took off my sweater and said she would cover me so I could nurse. I never covered my daughter when we nursed – who would want to eat with someone on her head?? In all her “help,” my daughter ripped the sweater off immediately, and my big, milky boob was out in the open for the restaurant and staff to witness. It was actually a hilarious and great entry into feeling comfortable nursing in public in the end.” Lindsay, It’s Simply Lindsay

Nursing Lessons Learned From Seasoned Mommas

  • Lean on your mama tribe – don’t isolate yourself. Being a breastfeeding mom does not mean you sit in seclusion so you can feed your baby on demand.
  • Stay hydrated- as hard as it is to take care of yourself, get a large water bottle that has the ounces listed on it and know how many times you must fill it up in a day. This will keep you, your baby, and your boobies healthy.
  • Lactation cookies are clutch: they fill your tummy & support supply.
  • Invest in products that soothe and make life easier.
  • Pumping is a pain, get a good pump and ask for help.
  • Always carry a burp cloth…or 10.
  • Carry a cute bag.


In honor of breastfeeding awareness month, we’re bringing awareness to what it means to be a breastfeeding mother. Not only does it require unwavering dedication, but it’s a journey of love and self-sacrifice. In honor of what so many moms give of themselves daily, we’re giving back.

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One mom will win this prize pack that consists of products and businesses that support breastfeeding and new mothers! Even if you don’t win the grand prize, several other moms will be chosen to receive a LatchPal Breastfeeding Clip that helps mom nurse in comfort, by securing her shirt, so she can focus on feeding. Giveaway runs from August 16-23rd. The winner is chosen at random and will be contacted to claim her prize.
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