how to clean makeup brushes

I’ve partnered with @JohnsonsBaby for this post.

If you ever use makeup brushes and have wondered if you need to clean them, how often you need to clean them, or if this thought never crossed your mind, you’re in the right place. The answer is YES, you need to clean your makeup brushes and you need to do it regularly – I’ll show you how to wash your makeup brushes simply so it becomes a part of your normal routine.

Think about it – we’re constantly reminded not to touch our faces because of spreading dirt and bacteria, yet I speculate many people rub brushes on their faces daily without washing them. By not cleaning your brushes, you’re allowing skin particles, dust, old product, germs, and bacteria to grow and transfer to your face and to your cosmetics, and the grimy circle of filth continues on and on. Yuck.

I’m in the habit of regularly washing and disinfecting my brushes with three products – water, tea tree oil, and JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo. Since I have kiddos, I always have the baby shampoo anyway, and I like to add in tea tree oil because it naturally disinfects and gets rid of bacteria. The shampoo is gentle, removes makeup residue well, and leaves your bristles conditioned, too. This combination will leave your makeup brushes with a clean, refreshing, delicious smell.

How to wash your makeup brushes


Put a small amount of JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo in a small dish – I use lotus bowls. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on top.

clean makeup brushes

Dampen the bristles of your makeup brush with running lukewarm water in a downward motion – you want to avoid water running up into the area where the brush attaches to the handle because the glue can become loose.

clean makeup brushes

Swirl your dampened brush in the shampoo/tea tree oil mixture in the small dish. Gently work the mixture deeper in the bristles in your hand, on a Tupperware container lid, or on a brush cleaning pad.

clean makeup brushes

Rinse with lukewarm water, again, avoiding totally submerging the brush. Work the mixture out with your fingers until the water runs clear. You may want to repeat the cleaning steps again if necessary.

Clean one brush at a time. When you’re finished, dry them laying flat or at a downward angle so the water does not run up the handle.

clean makeup brushes

I like to wash my brushes at night so they’re all fresh and ready for me in the morning. So tell me honestly – do you wash your brushes regularly? If you wash your brushes, what’s your method?