Why I like to dress like a mom



Mom jeans.

Mom bod.

Soccer mom.

We love to use “mom” as descriptors in ways that almost poke fun or mock the mom. Nobody wants to be told they dress like a mom or are wearing mom jeans, right? That conjures up un-stylish, completely out of touch with current fashion moms.

But that doesn’t describe the moms I know, and I love how stores like Evereve are completely empowering women and redefining what it means to dress like a MOM, because honestly in my life, moms are some of the most fashionable women I know.

It’s time to redefine what it means to dress like a mom, and to get you started, you can enter to win a $500 gift card to go on a well-deserved shopping spree.

Why I like to dress like a mom

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The Evereve experience

After my first trip to Evereve, I was borderline embarrassingly giddy. I called my mom immediately, as any 30-year-old woman would do, practically squealing that I found a store that just got me, followed by my grandma, and I promptly texted my most fashionable friends instructing them to go there immediately.

Let me explain – before I had my first daughter, I was a size 2-4. After Ginny was born, I was a 6, and now, after my second baby was born, I’m an 8-10. It’s a blow to my self-esteem every time I have to go shopping because I don’t feel or look myself. My belly pooch sticks out; pants just DON’T fit; tops don’t flatter my shape, leaving me feeling extremely self-conscious about my large chest.

dress like a mom

I’m not exaggerating that I couldn’t BELIEVE everything thing -I mean ever-y-thing I tried on not only fit me, but like a glove – the most comfortable, butter-like glove you can imagine. Each item was softer, more comfy, and stylish than the next, and my main girl Sarah took the time to get to know my style and lifestyle while really understanding and celebrating my body shape.

The sales people are trained on the latest fashion trends (crushed velvet, leopard, and bombers are IN) which is important to me, and the clothing is all curated with all kinds of women in mind. The higher waist lines tucks everything smoothly and perfectly in place with on-trend designs that MOVE with you.

dress like a mom

I’m a mom of two girls, an entrepreneur, and help manage my dad’s business. I work part-time out of the home, meet with clients, and am on the floor with my kids the rest of the time. Then I might be heading to the coffee shop for a sister date, out to get a much needed mani with Niki, or out to sushi with Patti. My looks need to be versatile, and everything I found at Evereve matched my needs.

dress like a mom


I could write a novel about my experience there, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

1. Dressing rooms: trying on clothes in the oversized dressing rooms with attractive lighting was a much different experience than the normal stressed, sweaty, packed in a sardine can experience of normal store dressing rooms. There’s plenty of room for the whole family, so feel free to bring the kids along.

2. Kid-friendly: speaking of kids, the whole store is designed with families in mind; the extra wide aisles makes double or even triple strollers a breeze, but better yet, there’s a kid area with snacks, comfy seating, and toys. I mean, come ON.


3. Clothes that fit: all the clothes are designed with women in mind. From the higher-rise colored denim and slouchy sweaters to on-trend booties and distressed in all the right places pants, you will feel like you died and went to mom fashion heaven here. I’m not kidding. When Sarah brought me a pair of olive Free People leggings that looked like they would fit my 12-year-old self, I nearly fell over when they hugged me in all the right places, slimming my legs. I could have kissed her.

Why I like to dress like a mom

4. Service: have you ever been somewhere where the sales people hound you? Or there are no sales people present when you could actually need them? Evereve astounded me with their service. They were so friendly, I felt like we were old-time friends, and they pulled outfits for me, explaining the trends and flattering my shape.


Lasting thoughts

If you’re a mom, join me in redefining what it means to ‘dress like a mom,’ and if you’re not, you’ll equally appreciate the fashion, fit, and service of Evereve. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to enter to win a $500 Evereve gift card!!