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*Affiliate links included When it comes to bachelorette parties, these days it seems that weekend getaways are all the rage. If you’re looking to throw a fun weekend party but don’t know where to begin, check out my step-by-step guide so you don’t miss any detail. I was so thrilled [...] Read More....

July 22, 2016 By Lindsay | 8 Comments

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I’ve never been one to scour newspapers and mailings for coupons; I’ve never been a coupon clipper because the few times that I did take the time to cut out a coupon and set it aside to get 50 cents off that lipstick I [...] Read More....

July 13, 2016 By Lindsay | 14 Comments

June 2016 marked my first year of blogging, and I’m so excited to share the party I put together for my close family, friends, and readers. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of you who have helped and supported me along the way. If you have read [...] Read More....

July 12, 2016 By Lindsay | 9 Comments

We were driving down the winding, country road, my mother and I, on our way home from the store. The air conditioning was blasting on full, sending welcomed chilly surges to my otherwise sweltering body. It was about 95 degrees outside, but my pregnant body made it feel like it [...] Read More....

July 10, 2016 By Lindsay | 39 Comments

Hi everyone, Ginny wanted to announce something: she’s going to be a big sister! I just had a successful 12 week appointment and am excited to share this with you all. Baby’s heartbeat was strong and fast, between 165-169. Some of you may have seen from social media, especially Instagram, [...] Read More....

July 8, 2016 By Lindsay | 12 Comments

Thank you JORD Watch for sending me a beautiful wooden watch & for hosting this giveaway! I tend to gravitate towards classic accessories that I can easily wear with any outfit, and I like to mix, match, and layer my classic jewelry pieces for a bit of funky flair. That’s [...] Read More....

June 30, 2016 By Lindsay | 9 Comments