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You’ve already been through the whole parenting gig and think you have the whole thing figured out (okay, maybe not the whole thing, but at least 3/4 of it…or maybe 1/3 of it?), and now it’s time to expand your family. Hooray! Since you’re into the latest minimalism trend and you’ve [...] Read More....

January 16, 2017 By Lindsay | 4 Comments

I’m due with my second baby girl on my daughter’s second birthday, and between working, having a difficult pregnancy, and moving into a new house, there’s a lot going on in my life at all times, to say the least. If there’s one constant in my life, it’s my need [...] Read More....

January 6, 2017 By Lindsay | 0 Comments

As much as I dislike clichés, I have to join the rest of the world in probably the biggest New Years’ cliché that exists – I resolve to lose my (baby) weight and get healthy. How very original, I know. Since I was a kid, my favorite food has always [...] Read More....

January 2, 2017 By Lindsay | 18 Comments

If you’re anything like me, you feel incredibly awkward in front of a camera. Even when my Instagram husband is taking my picture casually at home, I feel so stupid. What do I do with my arms? Should I look at you or down? Does my face look mean? Should I [...] Read More....

December 22, 2016 By Lindsay | 8 Comments

As I am patiently anxiously awaiting all the details to come together for my new home, I couldn’t help but post a round-up of my favorite, go-to home decor shops. While I anticipated my new house being perfectly decorated and put together within weeks of moving in, that didn’t quite [...] Read More....

December 15, 2016 By Lindsay | 2 Comments

When you’re young, the holidays are a truly magical time, filled with enchantment, excitement, and wonderment. This captivating season slowly dissipates as time goes on, and for many, completely vanishes only to be replaced with the reality of the holiday season. Cooking. Cleaning. Gift giving. Cleaning. Hosting parties. Stressing. Cleaning. [...] Read More....

December 11, 2016 By Lindsay | 2 Comments