DIY Gift Wrap- It's Simply Lindsay

If you’re looking to take a different approach to Christmas wrapping, why not try making your own? I really like the look of brown butcher paper and twine, so I decided to go with that look and put my own spin on this rustic gift wrap. I had a lot of fun personalizing the wrapping paper and decorating it, and I especially loved how affordable this project was!


  • Butcher/craft paper (brown and white): I bought these online at Amazon but also found them at the Dollar Store and the dollar section at Target.
  • Paint markers or Sharpies
  • Twine: I bought brown twine at the Dollar Store and the red and red and white striped twine at Target’s dollar section.
  • Bows

DIY Gift Wrap


  • Choose your designs, such as repeated words, symbols, dots, lines, and swirls. Even if you don’t have the best handwriting or if you have no artistic ability, I promise the repeated images/words look very cool when it’s all wrapped.

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

  • You can play around with different sizes or see how mine turned out: With smaller wording, you can really read the text well, though it takes longer. The taller text makes a grand statement, and I like the use of blank space with larger words.

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

  • Measure the size of paper you will need per your present and cut the right size.
  • I chose to write on my paper at an angle, but you can feel free to play around with this.
  • Start writing or drawing! Have fun with it – don’t worry about making it look perfect.

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

  • When you’re finished, adorn your adorable gifts with twine, bows, ribbon, etc. I finished mine off with homemade gift tags stamped with the recipients’ names or initials, which will double as little ornaments.

My gift wrap designs:

Think of your own ideas for designs, and you can personalize it to fit who the gift is going to. I’ve also done this for a baby shower gift and wrote the words “I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always as long as you’re living my baby you’ll be” and tied a small stuffed animal with a big ribbon.

gift wrap

Here were some of my choices for last year’s presents:

  • Swirls
  • Hearts
  • Christmas trees
  • Ho ho ho Merry Christmas
  • Lyrics to Oh, Holy Night
  • Walking in a winter wonderland
  • Buzz your girlfriend…woof!
  • Ginny bells (a play on Jingle Bells for my daughter’s name)
  • I believe
  • I like to smile, smiling’s my favorite!

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

It's Simply Lindsay gift wrap

When my daughter is older, I like the idea of having her color pictures on gift wrap, too! How would you customize your wrapping paper?

  • Lauren Angelico

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is so adorable and you should totally sell this paper! Sooooooo cute 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks Laur! Did you see your present in there?

  • Lindsay- this is adorable!! I don’t know how the heck you create time to do all of these wonderful things, but I loved looking at these pics! You’re so creative!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Ummm I don’t know either : ) I never have enough time for all the things I want to do!

  • Mariah Liszewski

    This is the best idea ever, my nieces are going to love this!!! Thank you!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks! It would be so fun for your nieces : )

  • Theresa

    These are awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing. Very cool looking.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks so much!

  • I need to do something more creative like this next year, when I’m hopefully, more on the ball. So behind with everything this December, I’m starting to stress out. I’ll do what I can…. Thanks for sharing/opening my mind up to more ideas. 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Don’t stress! There is still plenty of time before Christmas. You can always do gift bags instead of wrapping to save time. Get them at the Dollar Store – couldn’t be cheaper and they have cute designs ; )

  • How cute is this? I love this wrapping paper! My freehand is not so great, so I’m not sure how nicely mine would turn out, but yours looks so lovely I am tempted to give it a try! I mean giving a DIY gift wrapped in DIY paper is really the icing on the cake!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I am not artistic at all, so if you like mine, then you will love yours!!

  • Accidental Blogger

    I love it! Super simple, doable, and maybe has some Eco potential of you reuse shopping bags instead of butcher paper 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I love your idea of reusing shopping bags! I always have way more than I know what to do with – great thinking : )

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have some black craft paper and could use some gold and silver sharpies for these designs…or maybe even use some paint! Thanks for the idea!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Ooooh, black would look SO great with metallic prints – let me know how that goes!

  • Shann Eva

    So cute! I love this idea! I already bought a ton of wrapping paper, but this is what I am doing for birthday presents for sure.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Awesome! I bought a few rolls because I want to always have it on hand for whatever gifts come up.

  • I love this! I stepped up my wrapping game this year too!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks Vanessa! What did you do with your wrapping?

      • I used different paper like plain red, brown, one with polka dots and for the hunting hubby, camo. To spice it up I used either baking twine or twine and did a few different styles. Finished it off with a piece of pine from the tree! And the tags I used were like a chalboardesque sticker with chalk pen!

        • Lindsay Katherine

          That sounds SO CUTE!!! I love it!

  • Crystal

    I love this! Not quite sure my penmanship would make it look as pretty as you have.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I honestly do not have great penmanship, which is why I know anything will look cool when repeated : )

  • What a cute idea! All of my gifts are already wrapped, but I’m definitely trying this next year.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Yes you should try it! Even for birthday gifts : ) Thanks for reading, Dara.

  • Justin Copeland

    Such cute paper. It’s going to be difficult for anyone to tear it up.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Awwww shucks, thank you ; )

  • You are so creative, Lindsay! These packages just look so darn “giftable” and I’m especially fond of the ginny bells package!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks so much Erin! I’m excited to give them to their recipients but will be sad to see them go ha. The Ginny bells is my favorite : )

  • These look fantastic!

  • Adriana

    Okay this is SUCH a cool idea!!! I absolutely love the way it turned out, this is genius!

  • Rachel Golden

    This is so freakin’ creative! I love it!! I always have fun wrapping presents, but I always do it so last minute that I never have time to personalize it. Maybe I’ll do one or two presents like this 🙂 Such a great idea!!

  • Divya Budhraja

    I would totally BUY this gift wrapping paper – it’s adorable! I love the designs. And your handwriting is perfect!

  • Linds, this is so cute. I love the gold tones!!

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    This is seriously so cute! We’ve done stamps and stencils on brown paper before but I never thought to write. Really great idea Lindsay!