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Gift giving is my favorite part of the holiday season – I love finding the perfect treasures for my recipients and feel so much joy in the whole process. I’ve never had much success when I “have to” find a gift for someone on a given shopping outing because I like the searching process to be more organic – I may buy you a gift in July for Christmas just because I happened to stumble across it one day.

I also find that shopping online is HUGELY convenient, but it can be overwhelming with the infinite searching options. If searching for the right gift stresses you out, look no further than my holiday gift guide. I make it really simple for you.

No matter what kind of woman you’re buying for, you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for. (And let’s face it, there’s no harm in indulging in a few little goodies for yourself – I’ll be doing some shopping off of this list as well.)

What’s on your wish list?

What is your favorite part of the holidays?

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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Sentimental, trendy jewelry

Freshy Fig is your ultimate destination for stylish, dainty, and unique jewelry. From personalized bar necklaces and antique lockets to marbled stone pieces and custom hand-stamped bracelets, you’re going to have a hard time deciding on what to buy…and you’ll probably want something for yourself.


I love that you can layer and mix-and-match these pieces, and while they’re very on-trend, they’re also very much going to be your favorite, classic, staple pieces. A few of my favorites are pictured above, and you can peruse the full shop by clicking here. The best part? They’re all affordable pieces, so you don’t have to pick just one.

Leather bag

Every woman needs a classic, quality, functional leather bag. Dapperbag carries a versatile, sophisticated line of high-quality, durable, and stylish leather bags that is perfect for women at any age. The detachable straps turn your every day bag into a convenient backpack, and the hidden compartments, storage space, and easy-to-clean interior make it the perfect bag for moms…or people who leave their lipstick open in their bag. Woops.

Holiday gift guide all-purpose bag

Whether you’re separating mom’s belongings from baby’s or organizing your wallet, phone, makeup, and work files, the Dapperbag has a style and function for everyone. *I have the Sedalia bag and get compliments on it everywhere I go!**

Stationary, Notebooks, & Planners

Not much makes me happier than pretty stationary and notebooks – choose from gorgeous prints and patterns from Minted or personalize it for a special, sentimental touch. Peruse some of my favorites below and click on the item to take you to their shop.

Custom phone case

Whether you want to create your own design, use their pre-designed templates, or upload your favorite photos, a custom phone case from Case App makes the perfect personalized gift. (You can see photos of my custom cases here.) *To get 20% off your order, use code SIMPLYLINDSAY20 at check out!**


The Puffin in Bloom Collection

This collection of your favorite classic books doubles as prime reading material and as beautiful decor to any room or bookshelf. I like to move mine around between my daughter’s bedroom, coffee table, bookshelf, and bar cart because it’s just oh-so-pretty. Buy it here for a steal and free shipping for Amazon Prime.puffin-books

Pretty printed robe

Nothing says “I feel pretty and feminine” more than a soft, gorgeous robe. I think there’s almost nothing better than the gift of a robe – you wear them daily, they’re functional, beautiful, and make you feel good! The ultimate place to buy comfortable, stylish robes is Plum Pretty Sugar, and my others favorites pictured below.

Fur throw

Add a touch of luxury, sophistication, or sass to any room with a comfy fur throw blanket – drape it over your computer chair, love seat, everyday sofa, or in the master bedroom for fun, furry comfort.

Jewelry box

A great addition to your makeup table, nightstand, or even coffee table, a jewelry box is not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any room!

Essential oils

Whether you’re proficient in them or completely new to the infinite wonders of essential oils, an Essential Oil Starter Kit is the way to go. If you’re looking for some other fun holiday goodies, here are my picks (click on photo to be taken to website).


To buy:

  1. Click here to enter the website.
  2. Choose Membership (to sign up for the starter kit and get 24% off all products for life) or Retail to purchase a la carte items at full price.
  3. Fill out your information.
  4. For Membership, choose your starter kit; for Retail, browse the catalog or search directly for my holiday gift ideas.

Office accessories

From home office to the workplace, every woman should enjoy a beautiful, organized work space.

Pamper Yourself

Perfume and pampering self-care items always make me feel spoiled. Here are some of my favorites.

No more rambling from me – you have lots of shopping to do – happy clicking holidays!

  • Millason @SimplyNaturalMama

    I love Young Living oils! There is just one problem: the starter kit is a total gateway drug to all of their other oils. Ha, ha! But seriously, they are awesome, and you can use essential oils for just about everything.

    Also, I am loving those Puffin in Bloom books! They are gorgeous!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Yessss, it totally is a gateway drug!!

  • I absolutely adore the golden balloon animal bookends! Those would be perfect for my new bookshelf. Looks like I’m going to have to start dropping hints for my husband…Thanks!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I know, I LOVE that. Hoping it will make its way in my home office : )

  • This is a REALLY good gift guide girl! Three of these items were already potentials on my own Christmas wish list this year. Loved looking through these 😀

    • Lindsay Katherine

      That’s awesome! Hope you get what you wanted : )

  • Julie Hoag

    These are great ideas! I know I would love many of them!

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    Yes for essential oils! They make an amazing gift. Love the notebooks too. If I was a hoarder it would be of pretty notebooks, haha!

  • Ashley Markwood

    Love your choices!!

  • Paige Allison

    You became a YL distributor?! I didn’t know you were interested in oils!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I didddddd yes – I’m becoming oily : )

  • yearofthedaffodil

    Those books !!! Beautiful

  • Okay, first of all I am so stoked to not only see a gift guide because CHRISTMAS, but I also love how much depth you put into this one. Most gift guides are short and not very well thought out, so I appreciate how thorough yours is. I also love the jewelry company you shared at the top; what cute and delicate pieces! I’ll have to give those a look for myself! 🙂

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks for your thoughtful response, Chels! This is what I worked on all Friday night – might not be everyone’s idea of a good time or hours well spent, but I loved it : )

  • Dani Adams

    Yep, I would love each and every one of these things. I should send this list to my husband and just say, “Follow this list, you cant go wrong.”

    • Lindsay Katherine

      hahha I’m glad we have the same taste!

  • Elizabeth Peace

    I might print this and leave it for my husband 😉

    • Lindsay Katherine

      GREAT idea.

  • I love that bloggers are already sharing gift guides! It makes me so happy 🙂 I’ve been wanting a basic bar necklace like this for a while now. I can’t remember which shop it was from, but it had the option of engraving coordinates into them. I wanted to either engrave our hometown coordinates into it or the coordinates for the city that my husband and I fell in love and started our life in. I haven’t decided which one yet. But I’m definitely going to make sure I get it this year lol

  • I love that bag! What a great set up. The books are beautiful too!

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Oh my goodness, those books are GORGEOUS. I want them already for my coffee table!!

  • Great ideas! I know I’d love many of them!

  • I want everything in this post! I love gifting my girlfriends things they wouldn’t necessarily buy, but pamper worthy. I’m getting them silk sleeping eye masks this year for christmas with their names embroidered on them 🙂 Very similar to the robe idea! x

    • Lindsay Katherine

      What a sweet idea of the silk sleep masks!

  • Christine

    I love everything on this list. Thank you for sharing so I know where to send my husband when he starts to ask me what I want for Christmas. I can never think of anything off the top of my head but when I read this I was like I want the planner, the perfume, the robe!

  • You can send all of the layering necklaces my way:) I love these ideas!

  • Great ideas, I love to read what everyone thinks of when it comes to holiday gifts and your recommendations are spot on! Now if I get one of those fur throws I can snuggle in my couch while I work on my next post, haha.
    xx, Kusum |

  • Amie Retzlaff

    This is PERFECT! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas!! Just need to get my husband to read lol

  • Lauren DiPego Plotkin

    These are great picks! I’ll take one of each! I especially loooove those pretty books!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      You and Olivia definitely need those books!

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    Lovely picks! I would love everything on this list! Especially the perfume and that bag!

  • Lyndsey Piccolino

    so many good things to choose from!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks! I agree : )

  • That robe and those pretty books immediately went to the top of my list-they’re so pretty and girly!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I feel you can’t go wrong with pretty and girly : )

  • I love giving stationary as a gift! And those robes. So pretty.

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Stationary is always my go-to.

  • That purse is gorgeous — and I didn’t even realize at first that it could be a backpack/diaper bag, too!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Yes!! It’s so versatile.

  • Kimi

    Handbags and books and planners, oh my! You’re speaking my language!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Glad we have the same taste : )

  • Justine Y

    I haven’t heard of Freshy Fig but those necklaces are gorgeous, totally something I would love to receive (and wear!). And I’m with you on the office supplies, I don’t know why but it’s always so exciting to get some fresh, new papers or pens, lol. OF course, one can never have too many books and I love those Puffin ones! I have the Anne of Green Gable one but I would love more, you’re right, they’re so gorgeous!!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Freshy Fig is awesome! Just put an order in yesterday : ) Ooooh, I’ll have to add Anne of Green Gables to my mix.

  • This is spot on! The way to my heart is always through stationery! Everything you linked is perfect!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      I’m all about stationary! Just got a huge package from Minted of it for myself and for gifts.

  • I love this gift guide! Those pretty novels have been on my list for years and I would love to get them this year! Thanks so much for sharing and great work!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      You should totally get them! They’re such a steal through my link – everywhere else I found is at LEAST double.

  • Jody Katter

    What a great gift guide! I super love the custom phone cases!!

    • Lindsay Katherine

      Thanks!! I have two of those cases and love them : )

  • Awesome round-up here, Lindsay! I love a good trinket tray! They’re just too cute!

  • Did you peek into my brain when you created this gift guide? I would LOVE all of these things! Especially a pretty notebook or planner — you’re speaking my love language. 😉 I actually requested a new planner for Christmas! #ISFJproblems