Healthy meal plan

Welcome to part two of my healthy eating meal plan – be sure to check out week one for more ideas.

Here’s a little background: My Instagram followers requested me to share my healthy eating progress after my third baby, so each week I’m sharing what I’ve been eating with updates about my results.

Before I was pregnant with my first, eating healthy and working out was a huge part of my life. During my two-year engagement, I lost 30 pounds the healthy way – slow, steady, and by making a daily commitment to cleaner foods and actually heeding portions and serving sizes.

Working out was a part of my daily routine, which is where my AB CHALLENGE circuit came from (it also happens to be my most popular pin on Pinterest).

I’ve given birth to three darling girls in January 2015, January 2017, and January 2019; each pregnancy proved increasingly more difficult, to say the least, and in the end, it was just about surviving day-to-day.

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7 day healthy meal plan

I began this four days post partum and will update my progress. My goal isn’t to drop weight fast; it’s to be mindful of serving sizes, increase my water, decrease processed food and eating out, and eliminate unnecessary eating. You’ll see a lot of the same foods repeated this week, and each week I’ll incorporate more of a variety.

This is breastfeeding-friendly and you’ll see I mostly eat a snack between meals (the hunger is real!).

Week 1: – 7.8 pounds

Week 2: -1.9 pounds

Here’s my quinoa bowl recipe

Superfood Quinoa Bowl

Is there a recipe you’d like me to add? Let me know!