A Mother's Promise of Kindness It's Simply Lindsay

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As parents, we tell our kids lots of things. We tell them, ‘if you’re good, you’ll get a treat;’ ‘if you go to bed now, you’ll get three books before bed tomorrow;’ ‘if you stop throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the store you can have candy for dinner for the rest of your life.’ Do any of these sound familiar?

My daughter is only 13-months-old, but I think about what sorts of things I will tell her as she grows up. Sure, I know there will be a lot of artful negotiating and bribing in our future, but when I make a promise to her, that will be different. A promise should be different. The word promise should be sacred and trusted. I only want to make promises to her that I will honor and keep.

Of course, I promise to love, protect, and care for her always. But I have something extremely important to me that I want to make a known vow, something that’s a living, breathing, palpable part of my family. One of the vows I am making to my daughter is a promise to both of us: I promise to raise her in the spirit of kindness and to lead by example.

A Mother’s Promise

Visual Reminder

I’m a writer and reader by nature, drawn to the inspirational beauty of words. Before Pinterest was even a thing, I would cut out words, letters, and quotes from magazines and post them in my room, tape them to my journals, and collect them in a binder. When I read words, I really internalize and ponder them. I enjoy having beautiful quotes around my house as little reminders, motivation, or inspiration.

FREE PRINTABLE from It's Simply Lindsay as she shares her mother's promise of kindness to her daughter.

That’s why I created these free printables that coincide with my promise to Ginny. Not only does it make for pretty, personalized art, but it will serve as a daily reminder to my husband, Ginny (when she’s old enough), and me to keep kindness present, living, and breathing in our lives. Just right click on the image to save and print, or keep reading to create your own.

never stop being kind it's simply lindsay

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  • You can create your printable from scratch also by changing the background colors, adding a background picture, and adding text through the left hand tool bar.
  • Download, save, and enjoy! You can share on social media or print it to have a hard copy. Put it in a frame and display it somewhere for a kind reminder.

Showing Kindness with Pampers

While Ginny is still a baby, there are other ways I can show her kindness. My husband and I lead by example by the way we treat each other, through books like “Let’s Be Kind,” and by helping others in the community, one thing I know she appreciates every day is Pampers Premium Care diapers from Walmart.

A Mother's Hope for Kindness

Pampers Premium Care have been a part of my family since Ginny was born; for little babies, the wetness indicator strip is incredibly helpful because it can be difficult to tell if your baby has a wet diaper, and the strip turns blue when wet. You can enjoy these quality diapers all the way through size four, and I guarantee your baby’s sweet little tush will appreciate the soft, breathable material. I can also attest to their durability – Ginny is coming off of a nasty stomach virus, and despite the virus’ best effort, I’m proud to say there were NO leakage situations!!

A Mother's Hope for Kindness

So thank you Pampers for allowing me to show Ginny kindness every day, with every diaper change while she’s still too little to understand some of the bigger kindness in the world.

Now I want to hear from YOU, my lovely readers. What is your Mother’s Promise? Share it with me below, and connect with other moms on social media using #MothersPromise for inspiration!