I always envisioned clear, perfect skin in my twenties- isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Well, my lucky hormones and I never were never blessed with perfect skin, often leaving me turning down social invites last minute, feeling self-conscious in brightly lit spaces, and even opting for a band aid over pesky breakouts a la Carrie in Sex and the City.

Instead of letting my problem skin take over my life, I decided to figure out how to best conceal my blemishes instead. I’m not great with makeup nor am I willing to spend a lot of money for products, so any makeup and techniques I use are completely accessible.

Concealing Routine for Blemishes

1. Starting with a clean face, moisturize with an oil-free lotion (I prefer Aveeno or CeraVe).

2. With a small concealer brush, brush your favorite concealer stick onto any problem areas and only slightly blend. If your face looks like you have sink-colored polka dots, you’re on the right track.I swear by Revlon Photo Ready concealer stick. It’s very creamy and highly pigmented.

3. Blend a thing amount of foundation all over your face with a clean makeup brush or sponge, making sure to blend into your hair and jaw lines, by your eye brows, and around your lips. Foundation is buildable, so start light and assess if you need to build up coverage from there. Use a stippling technique where you sort of press the makeup into your skin instead of rubbing it around. You should start to feel like you look like a person at this point. You’re on the right track.

4. If your problem areas still appear discolored, go back to your concealer brush and stick, dotting and blending those areas until they disappear.

5. Apply an under eye concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone starting on your eye lids (this will act as a primer later), working by your tear ducts, and creating an inverted triangle shape that goes just below your under eyes. Pat gently with your finger- I prefer this to a brush because the warmth of your hand helps the makeup really work into your gentle skin. (Just make sure your hands are clean!) Use either a translucent powder or lighter color powder to set the makeup on your eyelid and under your eyes.

6. Set your makeup with a matte powder.

7. Apply a bronzer to your cheekbones, giving your face some life and definition. I also add bronzer around my temples, a streak down each side of my nose, and dust blush into the apples of my cheek, swirling up in a U shape up to my temples.

There you have it! This isn’t my normal everyday routine, but it is my routine during times of blemishes. Be sure to treat the acne instead of just concealing it with my Adult Acne Treatment plan. What are your concealing techniques?