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I am so excited to announce, that It’s Simply Lindsay was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award – thanks to Alexis from A Blissful Haven for including me in this for a fun Q & A with me. You can also check out my 10 blogging nominees below of bloggers I love (and think you will, too!).

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Readers, if you have any questions you’d like me to answer or topics you want me to cover, let me know!


No Teasing Zone

As I was modifying my classroom rules tonight in preparation for the first day of class on Monday, I’m slightly conflicted. While I’ve always strived to make my high school classroom a completely positive, focused, kind, and challenging environment, when you’re dynamically engaging with twenty-some personalities of teenagers, there’s bound to be deviation. In fact, regardless of age, it’s unrealistic to think you can have a 100% productive and respectful conversation in any group. I work in an incredible school that emphasizes college prep and independent thinkers. Although I teach British Literature, I take our school mission to heart and constantly push myself to learn how I can incorporate these values into my class. Instead of stagnantly remaining in the text and historical era of what I’m teaching, I look at the universal themes and see how they apply to issues we face today.

I love to discuss controversial topics; this gives me an opportunity to teach students how to discuss with passion and confidence while having an open mind and learning to actively listen to others. As we discuss these topics, emotions can get in the way or productivity, and people can react fervently without thinking.

A Letter to My Daughter (About Her Two Last Names)

I’d like to write this letter to my sweet baby Ginny regarding her very special string of names. As you may or may not know, I kept my last name after marriage. Changing my name was not an option for me; I view the tradition as very archaic and incompatible with my beliefs, and though it definitely works for other families, it did not sit well with me; therefore, I could not make such an important change out of convenience to society. Even after two years of marriage, I still get the confused looks, eye rolls, or comments about how I’m “one of ‘those’ feminists.” But that’s for another time and day.

This letter is to explain to perfect little Ginny why she has two last names.

*Below are some family pictures, including both namesake “Virginias,” grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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