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John Keats once said, “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination,” and oh how this rings true to me. When my sweet Ginny made me a mom, I couldn’t imagine any more greatness – greatness in love or fulfillment of life; she was the little nugget that made everyone’s lives better and certainly mine more whole.

To see her love and purity grow and develop into the most curious little lady has been the greatest joy. And just when I had convinced myself baby number two would be loved but not as loved, because there was just no way my heart could grow, the holiness of my heart’s affection proved me wrong, delightedly so.

Olive was born and our world smiled as hearts swelled, and this sweetest dumpling is ahead of herself. She watches her big sis with eager eyes, soaking it all in. She rolled over after a few weeks, crawled at 5 months, and pulls herself up now at 6. And more than these physical developmental milestones, I’m delighted that she will learn from her sister’s imagination.

Inspiring Imagination with Mouse + Magpie

And you know what’s interesting is that I never taught her to make believe – this magical, boundless imagination lives in children, and they become the teachers to parents, grandparents, and anyone who will listen.

Something that I believe sparks the imagination in kids are the books we read and the illustrations that go with it, and as an English teacher and writer, reading is a treasured part of our day.

My girls love to cozy up with their Mouse + Magpie sherpa blankets as we read together, and then reading time turns into tea party time which turns into building, coloring, play kitchen, and endless games the girls come up with that I may never understand. I love hearing Ginny’s little munchkin voice as she plays for hours talking with her dolls, toys, and little sister.

Mouse + Magpie is a child inspired, adult curated collection of delightfully designed products and furnishings created specifically for little people with big imaginations. I love my pieces from this store because they’re so whimsical and unique – they’re designed by artists from around the world that play beautifully into the hearts and imaginations of my girls. I have two pictures and blankets, but you can see the full collection here where you can pick a whole collection to design a room easy peasy or choose individual pieces.

Pro tip: the sherpa blankets are THE best. They’re big, super soft, and wash well – I keep one on the floor while Olive plays and it folds up nice and small to put in my diaper bag. I take it everywhere so I know the babe has a nice clean place to play wherever we go, whether it’s to my grandma’s house or for a picnic outside.

My girls love having a play space to inspire their imaginations – here’s some inspiration for YOU – what does your play space look like?

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