Simply Spruced Up Side Pony- It's Simply Lindsay

I’ve never quite mastered a great way to style my hair while wearing it down, unless I curl it- no matter what I do, it just sort of awkwardly hangs there and screams ‘blahhhh.’ I’ve tried blow drying it meticulously the way they do it at the salon, using the same products, and taking about 30 minutes until my arms feel like they’ve fallen off, only to be left with a slightly better, yet still frizzy, version of my uninspiring hair. I’ve tried setting it in Velcro rollers, the way I’ve seen models and celebs get ready, and somehow my hair turns out straighter, the rollers somehow sucking any body and volume from me.

While I could wear my hair in a normal pony tail every day and be happy, I wanted some simple, quick ways to perk up my pony, which is how I came up with the Simply Spruced Up Side Pony. Another favorite of mine is the Easy Everyday Bun– for both of these looks, all you need is a brush, hair tie, and a few bobby pins.

Simply Spruced Up Side Pony

  1. Step one: look awkwardly in the mirror at your lackluster hair and force an uneasy smile (or is that just me?).
  2. Step two: pull up the top few inches of hair and back comb it three times.
  3. Step three: continue taking 2-3 inch sections of hair all around your crown and back of the head and back comb it 6 times. This might sound strange, but this is just the number that gave me the right tease I was looking for.
  4. Step 4: smooth out your tease gently by brushing over the top and adjust your part if necessary. I moved mine over slightly.
  5. Step 5: take your front section of hair and twist it away from your face. Secure with two bobby pins or a small jaw clip behind your ear.
  6. Step 6: sweep the length of your hair to one side and tease it (I back combed 3 times).
  7. Step 7: secure hair with hair tie.
  8. Step 8: twist and pin into a bun. You can make this as messy and undone or prim and proper as you like.
  9. Step 9: feel happy that your hair is not drably hanging down on your face and admire your work.

Tips and Tricks

Why Tease?

You may wonder why I tease my hair if I end up smoothing it out and if my end product doesn’t look teased at all. As I explain in my Everyday Bun tutorial, teasing your hair provides a great base for any hairstyle. Since my hair is finer, by teasing it, even for an un-teased final look, I’m able to work with it easier. The tease makes my hair easier to shape, stick into place, and create buns.

Back Combing

When back combing, or teasing, your hair, be sure to comb hair in one direction. Do not rigorously move your comb or brush up and down- this will only create a huge, scary, tangled mess.

Working Out Your Tease

If you tease gently, your hair will be easier to work out. Simply use a wide toothed comb to gently work out the tease. You may also spray on some leave-in conditioner before and between combing. If you teased your hair pretty tightly, it’s best to work it out in the shower by applying a generous amount of conditioner to it. This will help you ease out the tease without further damaging your hair.

What’s your favorite way to spruce up a ponytail? Do you have any tips for leaving your hair down? If you try this look, I’d love for you to leave a picture in the comments!