Instagram photo challenge

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you’re probably familiar with the daily Instagram challenges I participate in, but this month is different. This month is better. I decided to take it up a notch and host my own photo challenge! Simply Styled April does not solely focus on fashion pictures – the prompts are open to interpretation, and I’ve loved seeing the participants’ creativity!

You can join in any time; just follow along the calendar and prompts and use the hashtag #simplystyledapril with your photo. Hop on the hashtag to see what others are up to and to get inspiration and even make some new friends.

There are fabulous prizes involved, too. If you follow all of the hosts (tagged in this photo), you’re eligible to win prizes – (see this post for more information on the prizes). There will be a random grand prize, a Simply Styled award to the most stylish participant, and a special birthday prize on April 28th, so be sure to join in on that date.

Check out my photos for the first week’s themes – hopefully you’ll feel inspired to join in.

Simply Styled April Photo Challenge

April Fools

Whenever I wear this Maybelline The Falsies Pump up the Volum’ mascara, someone always asks if I’m wearing false lashes – so I fool them because they’re just my real lashes! I wasn’t sure how I felt about this mascara when I first got it, but once I learned to master it, I love it. I put it on a lot more slowly and deliberately than my normal one-second-swipe of daily mascara, but the results are worth it.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge

Truth: love is…

I always got kind of annoyed when people told me that even in my marriage, I didn’t know the true meaning of love or capability of loving someone. Pffsh, I thought, they just don’t know my relationship then. Since having Ginny, I completely understand what they meant. Ginny is my heart. Ginny is love.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 2

Sporty chic

I want Ginny to grow up healthy, so I need to lead by example. I loved that, when growing up, my parents encouraged my siblings and me to always be active in sports. My dad coached all four of us kids’ soccer teams from grammar school through high school, and I was in gymnastics, swimming, and track through the years. As a family, we would go on walks and bike rides, too. Ginny loves to be outside, so I’m happy it’s getting warmer for us to go on walks and play outside every day.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 4


When I think of crossroads, I think of relationships (not the Britney Spears movie). That’s what inspired me to write something I’ve wanted to for a long time – the biggest relationship myth.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 5

I like coffee, i like tea

Who remembers this jump rope song?

Blue Bells
Cockle shells
Evvie ivy over
I like coffee, I like tea,
I like the boys and the boys like me!

Ah, takes me back to recess days. Anyway, I do like coffee and tea, but they have to be decaffeinated.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 6

feeling thrifty

Since my collaboration with thredUP, I’ve been loving all of my great finds from there, including this $9 Old Navy blouse.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 7

fresh face

Since I don’t have naturally gorgeous skin, my version of a fresh face involves minimal, natural-looking makeup. In addition to following my everyday skin routine, I stippled on a light coat of Revlon Coverstay foundation in 240, pressed on Fit Me Matte Poreless powder, dusted on Milani’s Luminoso blush (a Nars dupe), and did a quick swipe of Jordana’s mascara only to my lash tips. Oh, and I finished with Maybelline’s Color Whisper lipstick in Mocha Muse.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 8

Dare: selfish with a stranger

I took Ginny into town with the intention of completing my selfie with a stranger dare. However, when I realized I was with Ginny and I’d have to hold a screaming, squirming child in one hand (she doesn’t like to be restrained) while taking a selfie with a stranger in the other hand, I thought mmmm nope, not happening. I mean, shouldn’t I be teaching her stranger danger, after all? So that’s my excuse.

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 9

Garden party

What says garden party more than a floral wreath? I made Ginny and me matching floral crowns for her first birthday party. I need more excuses to wear this…

It's Simply Lindsay photo challenge 10

Outfit: TJ Maxx

Lasting thoughts

Have I inspired you to join me in this fun photo challenge? Here’s the calendar with the rest of the themes:

april photo challenge and giveaway

I need your advice for future months: Do I follow someone else’s challenges like I’ve done all year or continue my own?