The Importance of Accepting Compliments

“I love your outfit! You look so pretty.”

“Oh this is from the clearance rack at TJ Maxx- I had nothing else to throw on.”

“You look really great- I love your hair and makeup.”

“Ugh, I can never get my hair to cooperate and my skin is so broken out…but thanks.”

Do these conversations sound familiar? As girls, we were somehow programmed to reject compliments while simultaneously finding ways to point out our flaws in a matter of seconds. Though we may actually feel flattered, we always somehow manage to try to convince the complimenter of their error. If you think about it, this really makes no sense. Why did you spend an hour watching makeup tutorials about covering up your problem area skin, buy new makeup, and then carefully apply it? Because you wanted to hide your blemishes, of course. Then why, after all of your time and preparation, do you negate your successful execution by pointing out that actually you do not have good skin after all, going back and forth until you’ve tried your best to convince the complimenter that she’s wrong.


Responding to Negativity With Kindness

One of my greatest, natural strengths since I was a kid is the ability and desire to respond to negativity with kindness. I have been getting questioned, especially recently, with people inquiring how I have it in me to respond kindly and why I choose to respond that way. There is no mystery here, and I’m happy to share this with you, but only keep reading if you choose to really have an open mind.

The people who act rudely, maliciously, or who are overtly judgmental need kindness the most, even when they’re taking serious jabs at you. Think about it – when you’re attacked, do you ever think, “Wow, how could XYZ say that to me? How can you talk to someone like that?” It’s a valid question – how can someone have it in them to be so nasty and hurtful? People say or write things that you could never fathom saying out loud. But something from within these people is broken, and even if you are hurt from it, it’s only a sad byproduct of the true issue – a real, internal problem within that person.

DIY First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Session

Happy first birthday to my darling baby girl! I can’t help but think this birthday is exponentially better than her “birth day” last year because this one started with cake. Kind of hard to argue with that, don’t you think? I knew I wanted to make a smash cake and take pictures myself, so that’s exactly what I did. I will soon be posting the healthy cake and frosting recipe I concocted, which is not only perfect for babies but is so delicious I will be making it for myself, too. Stay tuned for that.

What you need:

If you’d like to do your own first birthday cake smash photo session at home, here is what you need:

  • a white backdrop (sheet, curtain, large roll of paper)
  • natural sunlight
  • your baby
  • iPhone or camera
  • birthday cake
  • another person to help
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