Frugal DIY Halloween Costume

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May the odds be ever in your favor with this costume money saver.

While summer is still here, there is no denying the wonderful, crisp fall air sneaking its way in, cutting the dreadful humidity and putting a smile on people’s faces. Soon the leaves will change, the air will become cool enough to enjoy your homemade spiced latte, you will resurrect your favorite boots, and you’ll start planning an apple picking weekend.

You know what doesn’t scream fall? Spending $100 on a synthetic, latex, glittery, tutu, spandex little number at your friendly overpriced Halloween store that just rolled into town to rob you of your hard-earned money.

The miniature-sized version of any profession’s uniform or character’s costume is sure to turn heads, though not always in a ‘see how great she looks’ kind of way.


Visiting a New Mom in the Hospital Etiquette

Everyone loves babies. There is nothing quite like the innocence and purity of a brand new baby, so it’s no wonder that family and friends are so eager to visit in the hospital. I suggest thinking about some guidelines and sharing it with your loved ones before the baby comes to protect those precious first few days you have with your new bundle of joy.

You may feel differently in the moment, so it might be a good idea to set more conservative parameters and ease up once you decide how you feel after the baby arrives.

If you’re a new mom, the idea of visitors in the hospital may sound fantastic- of course you want your five best friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins to visit- they are so important to you, so why wouldn’t you want them there? Below you’ll find some things for you to consider as well as guidelines for visitors regarding visiting a mom and new baby in the hospital etiquette. 

Create a Postcard in Canva

One of the things I loved doing since I was a child, traveling around the world with my family, is sending postcards. I would look at all the beautiful pictures and try to decide which postcard was best suited for its recipient.

Some of my favorites have been unique destinations, like Egypt and Turkey, classic spots like Italy, the Caribbean, France, Greece, and Ireland, and my childhood front runner, Disney. I loved sharing a quick note with family and friends, and the idea of sending an open-faced postcard instead of a traditional letter felt special.

While my travels may be on hold for a bit at this time in my life, I decided postcards don’t have to be reserved to exotic travels- in fact, I could create a postcard myself- so that’s what I did. You can create your very own postcards by using the easy-to-use, free program Canva.

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