A Mother’s Hope for the Future

When I got married, I received a lot of advice about living my life pre-babies. Relish your sleep; enjoy date nights; travel; appreciate adult time; value your alone time. Doesn’t it always happen that advice never really clicks until after the fact?

While I did appreciate my life and time before having my daughter, I didn’t really fully understand the beauty of going out to dinner, getting my nails done, showering, working out, or running to the store until my time and situation was limited.


13 Unexpected Uses for Babies

You did it – you did the most incredible thing in the world. You made a baby! You created a person, grew it in your body, and somehow got that person out of your body. You are seriously extraordinary. Now that you have a baby, you have millions of things to do and carry quite the responsibility.

Change diaper 10+ times a day. Feed baby 7-100 times a day. Clean poop off of onesies, socks, three-piece outfit (why did I put the baby in a multiple piece outfit??), the changing table, curtains, walls, and carpet, depending on the severity of the blowout situation. Bathe, dry, lotion, (carefully) powder, and clothe baby. Snuggle, rock, sing, read, walk, play, sleep (maybe?), and stare at the baby. All. Day. Long.

With all of these wonderful, important, and critical responsibilities you now have as a parent, you may be missing out on these 13 unexpected ways to use your baby. ‘Use your baby?’ you say. ‘That’s absurd,’ you say. It’s your baby, you can use it! Don’t miss out on all of these baby benefits.

Creating My Christmas Traditions

I’m so excited for Christmas every year, but this year is especially special because it is my daughter’s first one. Every part of my life has become exponentially better since this little, sweet, funny person came into the world , so I can only imagine how magical Christmas will be this year.

I love the traditions and enchantment my family created for my siblings and me growing up, and I want to make sure I cultivate the same traditions for my Ginny, and maybe even add a few new ones of my own.

Last night, my husband and I spent all of dinner talking about our Christmas traditions and memories and discussed what we want our family holidays to look like. Here is a list of my family’s Christmas traditions I want to carry on as my own little family grows, and I’d love you to leave a comment with your family traditions so I can see what else we’d like to include!

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