I’m a Mom with a Clean House – And That’s Okay

“Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I’m a mom with a clean house.”

*Cue irritated glares.*

Okay, okay, hear me out.  The thing is, during my first pregnancy and once I had my daughter, I read all the posts out there in Mommy Facebook groups, I read all the new momma blog posts I could get my hands on, and there was always a resounding theme – let the housework go, let the laundry pile up, feel lucky if you shower once a week. First, let me say that if that helps you, I am totally okay with that! I am on board and support any way that any parent survives and thrives. We’re all different, and that’s okay. My favorite speech teacher used to say a quote that has always stuck with me: different doesn’t mean better or worse, it just means different.


Healthier Homestyle Pasta and Meatballs

For some reason in my pregnancies, I don’t like the term “pregnancy cravings,” either because it makes me feel like an uncontrollable animal or because I tend to have these “cravings” at all times in my life, so nothing about pregnancy makes them special.

Basically what happens to me is I get an idea of something I want to eat, and I pretty much cannot rest until I make it happen (and by “I” I mean my husband, who has been known to get me Captain Crunch at 10 p.m. or who makes me Gingersnap cookies from scratch after checking that 3 stores don’t carry the pre-made mix).

But I digress. I had one of these strong food preferences last night when I decided to make a lightened version of a homestyle family favorite – pasta and meatballs.

Favorite iPhone Apps

I’m someone who doesn’t like clutter, so when it comes to my iPhone apps, I try to keep them to a minimum, only displaying my absolute favorite, frequently used apps. Aside from the standard social media apps, as a blogger and mom, these are the top apps I use daily, and include everything from keeping my daughter educationally entertained and checking Instagram stats to photo and video editing.

I also couldn’t function without a sturdy phone case – I used to opt for the plain clear cases for their durability, but after upgrading to a custom CaseApp case, not only do I benefit from a durable product, but also one that is pretty and gives me joy. I created two of my own cases, one with my signature motto, Be Kind, It’s Cool, with my blog name listed.

You can win your very own custom iPhone case by entering at the end of this post, and ALL READERS can get 20% off your own custom case with code SIMPLYLINDSAY20.