2 ingredient Moon Sand recipe for kids

This Moon Sand recipe for kids is a fun, easy DIY activity that lasts forever and kills childhood boredom. I actually never had Moon or Kinetic Sand growing up, but I remember being in awe of the commercials – a moldable sand that crumbles? Amazing. We often play with conventional Play Dough or our homemade 2 Ingredient Play Dough, but this is a refreshing alternative with loads of sensory activities to go along with it. Now, I can live out my childhood fantasy at home, with my kiddos.

You only need two simple ingredients (three if you’re opting for color sand), it only takes a few minutes to assemble, and stores perfectly in a Tupperware container.

Moon Sand ingredients


Oil (I used vegetable oil and will try Baby Oil for my next batch)

Optional: Crushed chalk or oil-based food coloring if you don’t want white sand

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A letter to my husband on our anniversary

Dear Justin,

I kept putting off writing this 5th anniversary letter to you because I felt too overwhelmed – I had too many thoughts and feelings that couldn’t be contained into just one letter in only so many words, but I’m biting the bullet and just trying to put it simply: thank you for making life fun.

It’s always been fun with you, from staying up all night talking in the dorms and dorm room dance parties to traveling, writing love notes, and becoming parents, you just make life good. I guess it’s as simple as that.

We’ve always been on the same page when it comes to the biggest relationship myth, and I truly stand by it. Everyone preaches that marriage is hard work; relationships are hard; it’s not going to be easy – I just appreciate that we work well together and find joy and ease in our marriage. Thank you for that.

Thank you for picking up things in life where I fall short – thanks for letting me sleep in best I can every day and for always being the middle of the night go-to guy. Thank you for buying molasses at the least opportune time between dinner and bedtime because I was in dire need of homemade ginger cookies (on more than one occassion).


Why didn’t anyone tell me about DivaCup sooner?!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DivaDifference #CollectiveBias

My dear male readers, thank you for your interest and support, but I must confess that this post may not be enjoyable to you. You have been warned.

So, last month, I got my period for the first time in 4 years. Yup, that’s right, congratulations to me! After pregnancies and breastfeeding, I was stunned and appalled to join the real world of menstruation. SO MUCH had changed in my life and my body, so I did something I never even considered – I started researching about feminine care products. It honestly never occurred to me to 1. learn about what I was putting in my body during my period (um, duh) and 2. that there was another option aside from tampons. It blew my mind that I was so behind the game and after my research decided to try something new – the DivaCup.

This is what I texted my girlfriends “Why didn’t anyone tell me about DivaCup sooner?!” I felt like I found the magical, better, non-ick solution to traditional feminine care products but was super confused as to why no one was talking about it. Eh hem, so here I am to joyfully spread the word.