Easy DIY no sew upholstered bench

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When you’ve been searching for a DIY bench for your window seat, piano, or chair cushions, most likely all the “easy” projects weren’t so easy – at least for your level. So if you’re looking for a truly EASY DIY no sew upholstered bench tutorial, look no further.

I can attest to its simplicity and results because I don’t have many crafty or handy bones in my body yet have high standards. This projects fits my skill and taste level.

Now that we have this adorable cushion on our window seat, I don’t know how we ever lived without one. It’s used daily and is truly one of the most comfy seats in our house. My kids climb on it, I read on it, and it provides really comfy extra seating when we have guests or parties. The hardest part will be choosing your fabric and choosing accessories, so if you’re up for the challenge, read on.

Don’t forget to stock up on coffee table books – they make the perfect accessories! Shop my favorite ways to style your bench below.

Home gift guide

This post contains affiliate links; that means at no cost to you, I’ll make a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Whether you’re shopping for your own home or for others, this home gift guide has something for everyone. With items matching every style, function, and budget, these products will add beautiful touches to your house and also make great hostess, birthday, or holiday gifts.

I’ve carefully selected my favorite items in these categories:

  • Copper
  • Agate
  • Gold
  • Planters/plants
  • Napkin rings
  • Trays
  • Marble decor
  • Blankets

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6 cheap shower hacks to turn your bathroom into a spa


We all have active lives, always surrounded by people and responsibilities. Whether you’re a student, teacher, business woman, mom, doctor, admin, nurse or anything in between, we all have one thing in common – we’re busy.

And busy doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but by the end of the day, I bet we’re all eager to wind down and relax, am I right?

Sometimes the only time I’m alone – no adorable kiddos attached to me, no client meetings, no phone calls – is, in fact, when I’m in the shower, so to me, that time is pretty priceless. Anyone with me on that?

I’m sharing my favorite tips on turning any ordinary shower into a spa-like oasis so that even a few moments of solitude can feel like the total refresh you need (and deserve!).

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