Whether you’re a beauty blogger, promoting your SeneGence business on social media, or selling LipSense as a distributor at in-home demos, I’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of products that will up your game.

I see questions all the time in SeneGence Facebook groups asking for tried and true recommendations for cases, brushes, lights, how to take better selfies, and the list goes on an on. I’ve spent hours digging deep into these groups as well as testing products myself to deliver you the BEST list to up your game.

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LipSense distributor’s wish list

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ring light


The Sony a5000 mirrorless camera is a perfect blend between a standard point and shoot and dslr; it gives dslr quality with more ease and convenience. I love that is has full HD video recording capability with built-in wi-fi and the tilting monitor is perfect for selfies.

back drop


makeup mirror

These light-up mirrors not only makes it easy to see your makeup application everyday, but they’re great for when you’re doing live videos and in-home demos, too.



printable postage labels

Does anyone else hate cutting and taping PayPal or other shipping labels? Or are you still going to the post office for your shipments? Use these handy dandy adhesive postage labels to print and ship with ease from home.

stock makeup storage

These storage units are perfect for storing your inventory and come in a variety of sizes with different compartments to fit your needs.


on vanity makeup storage

Keep everything you need organized and in front of you, perfect for doing live videos or Youtube videos so you’re not fumbling around for your products on camera.


lipsense storage

Check out these tried-and-true LipSense storage cases, including what several Crown Princesses use!

lips clothes

Match with your mini!

beauty pump

Great for witch hazel or makeup remover!


Perfect for special occasions, videos, and selfies, these lashes make a strong impact on camera.


Stop trying to hold your phone or balance it on random household items. Time to get a little tripod.

What are your must-haves to up your SeneGence distributor game? Share it with me below!