March Fashion Challenge (part 3)

The end of March is nearing, and I have an exciting announcement for April’s challenge in a few days, so stay tuned! Here are the themes from part three of my March looks, and in case you missed parts one and two, you can check them out here and here:

  • Cool, cropped, and collected: you’re not going to catch me ever wearing a cropped top, so my interpretation of this theme was to go off of ‘cool’ with a nice, breezy lace top.
  • Spring in my step: the spring wasn’t in my step today, it was in my hair! I’ve been playing around with some new products for wavy, low-effort hairstyles (the best kind, am I right?).
  • Feisty in florals
  • Fine lines
  • Sunnies for sure: My favorite sunglasses at the moment come from H&M.
  • Sunday’s best: If you celebrate it, Happy Easter, and if not, happy Sunday everyone!


March Fashion Challenge (part 2)

Do you ever struggle to pick out an outfit? Do you ever look through your closet, get exasperated, and resolve that you have ‘nothing to wear’? I did, until I started dressing with purpose through daily theme challenges on Instagram! It’s so fun to read and interpret the themes and connect with others online to get inspiration from. You can see March’s part one of the challenge here, and here are the themes from part 2:

  • All tucked in
  • Sneaking around: my students were telling me that it’s hilarious to call shoes “sneakers…” am I old?
  • Spring forward: decided to bust out my white jeans earlier than normal; they’re not just for summer, right?
  • She’s my cherry pie: I desperately wanted this red skirt to work in non-winter seasons and had no idea if I could see past Christmas. So happy I tried it!
  • Shoe the world
  • Fringe benefits
  • Emerald City

Adult Acne Treatment

*This post contains affiliate links; I also received an Aveeno product. Any products I recommend, I stand behind 100%.

There are many things I am blessed with in my life, but smooth, clear skin is not one of them. For me, I didn’t have skin problems until my college years and am now quite familiar with the horrifying realm of “adult acne.” Why, for some reason, does putting ‘adult’ in front of ‘acne’ make me cringe from the inside out? No matter, I have accepted my skin for what it is, and instead of feeling sorry for myself or hiding out in moments of blemishes, I decided to figure out what works for me.

Before I had my daughter, I could use normal, topical acne spot treatments without any problem – for me, it was the stronger the better. Now, my skin has completely changed. One tiny drop of my old spot treatments, and my entire face breaks out in a hot, splotchy, itchy rash – sure, it’s one way to detract from the blemish, but it’s not a wonderful alternative. After trying various products and regimens, I’ll share what has worked for me.

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