The End of January Fashion Themes

I know we feel this way every month, but how is it February already? A new month brings new fashion theme challenges on Instagram, but before we jump into February, check out the last looks from January. Here were the themes:

  • What’s it all a boot?
  • Rose quartz and serenity: Who doesn’t love a rosy heart printed cardigan?
  • Pinned it: I had my eye on this sweatshirt for a while on Pinterest
  • Turtleneck
  • Risky business: Channeling Tom Cruise in a crisp white button down.
  • Flat footed: Pink and cream patent leather saddle shoes? Yes please!
  • FURever yours
  • Full price confession: Wearing my adorable new floral purse; a gift from my sister, who will not confess the full price : )
  • Passion for prints
  • The deal is a heel
  • Black ice
  • Dress relief
  • Red lip classic: I got that red – lip – classic thing that you likkkkke
  • Bonus look: Floral crown for my daughter’s whimsical woodland birthday party.

January Fashion

Hello, January! So many people despise you, but I welcome you this year. A new January means another fashion challenge. Every month I participate in daily fashion theme challenges – connect with me on Instagram and Facebook to join in whenever you can.

Here are the themes and my looks from this month so far (with a bonus NYE look thrown in there for fun).

  • A new you, a different hue: I never wear blue, so I chose a blue printed blouse with sparkly jewelry from World Market.
  • Blue my mind: little did I know that the next theme would be blue!
  • Are you my plaid?
  • Vest friend
  • Absolutely argyle: okay, I don’t own argyle, but do the diamond pattern on my tights count?
  • Leopard spots or polkadots
  • Natural neutrals

Daily Abs Workout

My friend and I were discussing how much we appreciate our post-baby bodies now but that we miss the pre-baby days of abs. As both of us are working moms, we talked about how difficult it is to find the time to exercise, or when you do have the time, there are a million other things that either need to get done or that you want to do, such as eating, cleaning, going to the bathroom, preparing more stuff for work, watching non-kids TV, or reading.

However, we’ve decided to make a commitment to buddy up and at least get back into our abs exercises; that’s a very manageable goal, don’t you think? I looked back at the old exercises I used to do and came up with this simple, quick daily ab workout you can do anywhere – on your lunch break at the office, when you wake up, before bed, or even when you’re watching TV. Whether you’re a mom who wants a manageable step to take towards firming up and getting back into shape or are already fit and looking to add some core strength variety to your routine, this daily ab workout will be a great addition to your life.

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