Rosebud Salve in a Tube

I received free product in return for my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links.

If you know me, you may already know my love for the Rosebud Perfume Co. from my posts on my Everyday Skin Routine and Faking Pregnancy Radiance. Rosebud’s products, especially the Rosebud Lip Balm in Minted Rose, is commonly known as a cult-classic and boasts the highest ratings on Sephora and Amazon.

This family-owned business dates back to Maryland in 1902 when Dr. Smith, a teacher turned pharmacist, started the company in a small drugstore where he prepared a popular salve. This specially-formulated salve, the Rosebud Salve, has many purposes: curing minor skin infections, soothing the sting of minor burns, healing chapped lips, dry elbows, and cuticles and is even a great remedy for diaper rash. You can see the unique and charming old school pharmacy inspiration in the adorable, apothecary-esque tin packaging of the balms, which I completely adore. Imagine my delight to receive three Rosebud Salves in a Tube in a large signature tin!

Black & White Fashion Week

A few years ago, my friend and I realized we were in office fashion ruts. You know the feeling right? You have a closet full of clothes yet you have nothing to wear. You hate everything you own and think the only solution is buying a new wardrobe. You have a few go-to pieces and are bored by them at this point. You don’t even care what your hair and makeup look like because you feel so dull anyway, so what’s the point?

Have you been there? Well, that’s where we were, so we decided that, even though we didn’t work together, we would have fashion themes every week and send each other pictures of what we wore. Not only did this reignite my fervor for fashion, it made me excited to get ready in the morning, it gave me something to look forward to each day, and made me realize I had great pieces in my wardrobe that just needed a second chance.

Well two weeks ago, we found ourselves back in that rut. With my friend in law school planning a move to California and me as a new mom and part-time teacher, we’re both trying to save as much money as we can.

Simply Spruced Up Side Pony

I’ve never quite mastered a great way to style my hair while wearing it down, unless I curl it- no matter what I do, it just sort of awkwardly hangs there and screams ‘blahhhh.’ I’ve tried blow drying it meticulously the way they do it at the salon, using the same products, and taking about 30 minutes until my arms feel like they’ve fallen off, only to be left with a slightly better, yet still frizzy, version of my uninspiring hair. I’ve tried setting it in Velcro rollers, the way I’ve seen models and celebs get ready, and somehow my hair turns out straighter, the rollers somehow sucking any body and volume from me.

While I could wear my hair in a normal pony tail every day and be happy, I wanted some simple, quick ways to perk up my pony, which is how I came up with the Simply Spruced Up Side Pony. Another favorite of mine is the Easy Everyday Bun– for both of these looks, all you need is a brush, hair tie, and a few bobby pins.