February Fashion It's Simply Lindsay

I am loving February’s fashion themes so far! Filled with pink, red, blush, and hearts, I’m feeling very girly this month, and I’m not complaining about it. In case you’re new here and not familiar, I participate in daily themed fashion challenges on Instagram, and they’re so much fun.

They provide purpose to choosing clothes and push you to try new styling and to use the clothes you already own but maybe never wear. I’d love to you to join in whenever you feel like it – just connect with me on Instagram or Facebook where I post the monthly calendar. If you don’t have something to match the theme exactly, it doesn’t matter – half of the fun is stretching the themes and seeing what you and others come up with.

You can check out the last few months of fashion challenges: January, December, November, October.


February Fashion

Here are the themes so far this February:

  • Laced up lovelies
  • On repeat: I chose my Team Kindness shirt, which I wore a few days earlier for my post on Responding to Negativity With Kindness.
  • Band of rose gold
  • Blush and beige
  • Red hot
  • Candy hearts
  • Roses are red
  • Pink passion fashion
  • Little white tee: I couldn’t justify wearing a white tee to work (especially because the one I wanted to wear says Holy Chic, and I work at a Catholic school).

Lace tee It's Simply Lindsay Team kindness It's Simply Lindsay Blush It's Simply Lindsay Candy heart cutie It's Simply Lindsay

How are you embracing the month of love in your fashion? Are you ready to join in the challenge?


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