13 Unexpected Uses for Babies

You did it – you did the most incredible thing in the world. You made a baby! You created a person, grew it in your body, and somehow got that person out of your body. You are seriously extraordinary. Now that you have a baby, you have millions of things to do and carry quite the responsibility.

Change diaper 10+ times a day. Feed baby 7-100 times a day. Clean poop off of onesies, socks, three-piece outfit (why did I put the baby in a multiple piece outfit??), the changing table, curtains, walls, and carpet, depending on the severity of the blowout situation. Bathe, dry, lotion, (carefully) powder, and clothe baby. Snuggle, rock, sing, read, walk, play, sleep (maybe?), and stare at the baby. All. Day. Long.

With all of these wonderful, important, and critical responsibilities you now have as a parent, you may be missing out on these 13 unexpected ways to use your baby. ‘Use your baby?’ you say. ‘That’s absurd,’ you say. It’s your baby, you can use it! Don’t miss out on all of these baby benefits.

December Fashion Challenge

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you know I participate in fashion theme challenges through Instagram. Every day, there is a new theme for participants to interpret and dress accordingly! So far, the themes were as follows:

  1. Dress it up: comfy grey sweater dress with embellished neckline (TJ Maxx)
  2. BOWnanas: feminine oversized bow blouse with navy pencil skirt (TJ)
  3. FURgalicious: pink suede boots with chocolate brow fur trim (Macy’s); dainty gold tiered necklace- Nordstrom.
  4. Silver belles: I never wear silver, but I love the few sparkly pieces of silver jewelry I have.
  5. Stripes: (top/skirt Forever 21; necklace Charlotte Russe)
  6. Still has tags: my new Charlotte Russe mock turtleneck dress is quickly becoming my new fave. Long chevron necklace from Nordstrom.
  7. Welcome to my cardi: (outfit: TJ Maxx, necklace: Burlington Coat Factory).
  8. Poinsettia princess: okay, I did take a photo with an actual poinsettia plant, but I didn’t like it. I opted for a cozy casual Saturday look to go shopping with my sister.

Why Feminism is for Everyone

Let me ask you a question: Are you a feminist? (Shake your head yes or no.)

Okay, so when you heard the word feminist, what did you think of?

Angry lesbians who don’t wear bras?

Spiteful women who hate men?

Crazy females who believe women are superior to men and deserve special treatment?

Well, if that is the case, I would have a hard time convincing you that, in fact, YOU are a feminist. But thankfully my job is much easier because despite popular belief, feminism does not embody any of these statements. Are you shocked? Here, let me ask you another question: Do you believe men and women should have equal rights and opportunities socially, politically, and economically? Think about that statement. It would be difficult to find anyone who would say no to that question, right? 

Creating My Christmas Traditions

I’m so excited for Christmas every year, but this year is especially special because it is my daughter’s first one. Every part of my life has become exponentially better since this little, sweet, funny person came into the world , so I can only imagine how magical Christmas will be this year.

I love the traditions and enchantment my family created for my siblings and me growing up, and I want to make sure I cultivate the same traditions for my Ginny, and maybe even add a few new ones of my own.

Last night, my husband and I spent all of dinner talking about our Christmas traditions and memories and discussed what we want our family holidays to look like. Here is a list of my family’s Christmas traditions I want to carry on as my own little family grows, and I’d love you to leave a comment with your family traditions so I can see what else we’d like to include!

How to Treat Under Eye Circles

Over the last several months, I have taken control of my skin by having a consistent routine with quality products that work. One insecurity I have always had, truly ever since I was a kid, is my under eye area. At one point in grammar school I remember putting any product I could find under my eyes, including…wait for it…Carmex. What!? What was I thinking? I was 10-years-old, and I didn’t know anything about products, I just knew it worked wonders on my lips, so why not try my eyes? Makes me shudder to think of it! I’ve always been concerned about darkness under my eyes, and because of the structure of my face, I have a little crease in my under eye area that I have never liked. However, now that I have my beautiful daughter and see that she has that same natural crease, I’m learning to deal with my insecurities. Accepting my eye structure doesn’t mean that I can’t take charge of other issues, such as darkness and fine lines, though. I’m also trying to add preventative anti-aging steps into my everyday skin routine, so I can prevent wrinkles instead of trying to correct them later on.

Boost Your Facebook Reach Organically

Before I started blogging, I never realized that Facebook is a secret mastermind, using thousands of factors to formulate their (semi) secret algorithm that determines what users see on their news feeds. How annoying would it be if your feed included every post from all of your “friends” and pages you’ve liked? Super annoying, that’s how much. While Facebook does not divulge their ever-changing formula in its entirety, we do know several factors that go into it, and in fact, Facebook publishes relevant articles and news specifically for businesses on their Facebook for business page.

If you want to show up on your fans’ feeds, there are things you can and should be doing to boost your reach organically. What does that mean? Facebook is trying to eliminate fake likes; some people or companies have purchased packages of “likes” in order to increase their numbers, look more established, and hopefully entice others to join in their “thriving” community. Instead of amount of likes, you should focus on natural, consistent engagement. Let me share some ways you can achieve this.