Hospital Bag Checklist

*Affiliate links included. When you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, you have a million things to think about and prepare for- the last thing you need it to scramble at the last minute trying to put your hospital bag together. Even though we measure pregnancy by 40 weeks, your baby will come when she or he is ready, not according to your schedule. For my first pregnancy, I prepared my hospital bag at 35 weeks, just to be safe, and had a checklist of items I needed to add at the last minute (makeup and technology).

When my sister was pregnant with her second baby, she called me one night to go over anything she might have missed for her bag. She was still well before her due date but wanted to be prepared. Luckily she ran to the store that night, in the spirit of preparedness, and ended up going into labor the next day!

I enjoy being extremely prepared, and my hospital bag checklist may be more extensive than you need, so feel free to use it as a base guide. I’m including hospital bag lists for mom, dad, and baby as well as items you may think you need but should leave at home.

A Letter to My Future Students

Dear future students,

You may not believe it, but as the summer is drawing to a close, I’m excited to get back into the classroom. I’m actually looking forward to meeting you, to learning your names, to teaching you strategies to write sophisticated papers, and to read those papers.

As I’m bringing up my lessons and creating our class calendars, I wanted to give you some advice. Hopefully you’ll somehow come around to this post so you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to the first day of school.

Show up

My first piece of advice is pretty basic, but considering absences I have seen in the tens, twenties, and ever thirties, it’s worth mentioning – if you want to succeed in my class, you have to show up. You can’t go far without being present, and being present is more than sitting in your seat.

When you show up, first, you have to come to class on time.

Gender Reveal Announcement

A few weeks ago, I announced my second pregnancy, giving a little update (or, bump-date, if you will) about how things are going so far.

Today, I’m 15 weeks pregnant with baby number two, and this morning we headed over to the ultrasound clinic to find out the gender. So what do you think? Boy or girl? I’ll answer the questions to some old wive’s tales first:

  • Carrying high, girl, low, boy: I’m carrying low
  • Little girls will steal your beauty: My skin & body have definitely taken a hit.
  • Heart beat under 140, boy: Baby’s heart rate has been in the high 160’s.
  • Craving sweet? Girl. Salty? Boy: I’ve been leaning towards salty.
  • Sick as a dog? Girl: If you know me, you know I’ve been extremely ill.
  • Extremely moody? Girl: I may have been sick, but I can’t say I’ve felt moody.
  • Dream of having a boy? Then you’re having a girl: Justin and I both had dreams of a boy.
  • Headaches? Then you’re having a boy: I’ve been waking up every night with headaches.

Why #Girlboss & #Bossbabe Have Got To Go

The hashtags #girlsboss and #bossbabe have swept social media, with 2,574,479 and 1,457,339 Instagram hits, respectively, to date.

Women are using the tags on photos that demonstrate their professional or personal strength, fearlessness, successes, and ambition, always lifting up others in the process.

The notion of girlboss and bossbabes has united women and truly started a movement of what seems very empowering to the gender deemed the weaker sex by popular societies around the world.

So why is this a bad thing? Why do I say these hashtags and language have got to go?

Come at this with an open mind, and let’s break it down and take a closer look. Looking forward to your take and responses at the end.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

*Affiliate links included

When it comes to bachelorette parties, these days it seems that weekend getaways are all the rage.

If you’re looking to throw a fun weekend party but don’t know where to begin, check out my step-by-step guide so you don’t miss any detail.

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to plan and host a bachelorette party this summer for one of my besties and am excited to share my planning process, including choosing invitations, how to keep the cost low, choosing the perfect location, DIY projects, and considering the guest list.

*These tips are for the bride and the person planning it, so be sure to pin this post for future reference.*

What’s your ideal bachelorette party? What tips and advice do you have? Everyone is different, so be sure to share your ideas and experiences below!

The Easiest Way to Save Money While Shopping

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

I’ve never been one to scour newspapers and mailings for coupons; I’ve never been a coupon clipper because the few times that I did take the time to cut out a coupon and set it aside to get 50 cents off that lipstick I really wanted, it collected dust in the back of my junk drawer or was never to be seen again. Does this sound like you?

No coupon clipping for me, but instead I peruse the internet for deals and coupon codes, often for upwards of 20 minutes trying to find a promotion that actually works. In the end, I usually feel defeated knowing I wasted so much time only to come across 10 expired deals.

Well, now I have the solution to my coupon problems: Groupon Coupons. Yup, you heard it, not only is your easiest savings a fun rhyme, but it’s sooo much easier and more accessible than clipping and endless internet searching for broken links and expired codes.