Mom’s Simply Delicious Chocolate Sundae Cake

Does it ever happen to you when out of nowhere, you just want cake? Silly question, of course that happens. Well, that happens to me too. Actually, what usually happens is that I want cake batter, but ending up with a scrumptious cake is a sweet byproduct of my batter craving.

My mom makes the most delicious cakes, and historically, I make the worst cakes. Even though I always follow the recipes step-by-step, somehow that moist, fluffy champagne cake turns into a dense, beer flavored brick by my very touch. Not the most impressive skill to have.

In an effort to avoid any baking mishaps, I skipped my mom’s homemade cake batter and opted for a box mix, making an equally delicious, fool-proof, easy peasy chocolate sundae cake. This is a great birthday cake – in fact, it’s my dad’s cake of choice every year, but I would also make it for other special occasions or heck, just because. It’s so simple but tastes very decadent and special.

A Mother’s Hope for the Future

When I got married, I received a lot of advice about living my life pre-babies. Relish your sleep; enjoy date nights; travel; appreciate adult time; value your alone time. Doesn’t it always happen that advice never really clicks until after the fact?

While I did appreciate my life and time before having my daughter, I didn’t really fully understand the beauty of going out to dinner, getting my nails done, showering, working out, or running to the store until my time and situation was limited.


How I Got Rid of Old T-Shirts with Instagram

I know you guys are just like me. You have an embarrassing amount of old t-shirts; some you sleep in, some you workout in, some are for running errands or cleaning your house. Some of them date back to 5th grade in the times of t-shirt sale catalogs and are nostalgically adorned with a lion’s head, the solar system, or E = MC 2 with a picture of Einstein. You’ve collected them from childhood sporting events, family reunions, and Planet Hollywoods. You’ve swapped them with friends and even now ironically wear your high school gym shirt, which is cool, hip, and expertly worn in 10 years later. Your t-shirts represent a sacred journey from your youth through adulthood, fondly memorializing childhood milestones, capturing what was cool in high school through graphic tees, and celebrating your Beer Olympics victories in college.

As I was recently cleaning my closets, I realized the horrors of my t-shirt hoarding tendencies. When I clean and organize, I take everything out to refold and put back. Well, with an inordinate amount of shirts comes the inevitable fold and shove or ball and push methods of organization, which means when it came time to properly fold and put away, only about half of them fit.

December Fashion part 2

I am in the middle of my two week Christmas break, and while I love working, it is divine! Because of it, I must admit, I have slacked on the December fashion challenge. However, here are my remaining looks of the season. Be sure to check out my December fashion part one and a few of my holiday looks (previews below!). Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook to partake in the fashion challenges with me and for more glimpses into my little world. It’s really fun to have direction and purpose to choosing your outfits, and I love seeing what others are wearing on social media, too.


Bling: went for a subdued ‘bling’ look with an oversized gem-studded cardigan

Blanketed in scarves: cozied up with my favorite blanket scarf from Frou Frou & Frill

Hot in cocoa

Candy cane cutie: my candy cane stripes were black and white…maybe black licorice flavored : )

Burgundy and gray

Festive Fashion

Aside from cultivating my own Christmas traditions, making my own wrapping paper, and all of the usual reasons to love the holidays, my favorite part of this time of year is having oh so many lovely reasons to get dressed up. So far this year, I have combined my love of family traditions with a few new festive holiday looks. Every year since I was a child, my family goes downtown Chicago to the iconic Lawry’s restaurant to celebrate my dad’s birthday and the holidays. This was the perfect excuse to wear my fabulous Chic Wish skirt – this skirt is even more wonderful in person, and in fact, about 15 people stopped me in the restaurant to comment on it! Next, I attended my family’s business Christmas party where I wore a red dress with red lips. Finally today I had our annual Christmas brunch, only this year it was more special with the addition of my daughter, niece, and nephew. I paired my Forever 21 skirt with black lace DKNY skirt.

While I have been wearing a lot of conventional red and black so far, I am really loving Jaclyn from Beauty and the Binky’s green festive look. What are some of your favorite holiday looks? Comment below and feel free to leave a picture!

13 Unexpected Uses for Babies

You did it – you did the most incredible thing in the world. You made a baby! You created a person, grew it in your body, and somehow got that person out of your body. You are seriously extraordinary. Now that you have a baby, you have millions of things to do and carry quite the responsibility.

Change diaper 10+ times a day. Feed baby 7-100 times a day. Clean poop off of onesies, socks, three-piece outfit (why did I put the baby in a multiple piece outfit??), the changing table, curtains, walls, and carpet, depending on the severity of the blowout situation. Bathe, dry, lotion, (carefully) powder, and clothe baby. Snuggle, rock, sing, read, walk, play, sleep (maybe?), and stare at the baby. All. Day. Long.

With all of these wonderful, important, and critical responsibilities you now have as a parent, you may be missing out on these 13 unexpected ways to use your baby. ‘Use your baby?’ you say. ‘That’s absurd,’ you say. It’s your baby, you can use it! Don’t miss out on all of these baby benefits.