November fashion (part 2)

My fashion themed challenges continue! In case you missed part 1 for November, you can check it out here. The themes for last week included the following:

  • Tights: I paired a cozy pair of sweater tights with a Max Studio dress and plaid blazer for a school Open House event.
  • …is my new black: Red and black was my new black in another Max Studio graphic dress lightened up wit graduated pearls.
  • Pinspired: My “pinspiration” was mixing prints – plaid and leopard, of course.
  • All wrapped up: I love a good wrap dress. They’re very comfortable and flattering. The last time I wore this dress was almost a year ago to the day, but I was 7 months pregnant. Did I mention it’s great stretchy fabric?
  • Plaid: I love this silky, slouchy blouse – a dressier take on the beloved print.
  • Cashmere: I chose my softest, comfiest two-tone sweater and balanced its form-fit with an a-line shadow-hemmed skirt.
  • Stud: Saturday night was date night, so my stud was my date ; )

Perfect Holiday Gift: Essential Oil Diffuser

*Affiliate links included. Don’t miss the 25% COUPON CODE at the end of the post. Good from 11/18/15 – 11/22/15!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Don’t hate me, but I finished a few weeks ago. However, I have THE PERFECT holiday gift that I now want to buy for all my family and friends (and more for myself!). I just started using Radha’s Essential Oil Diffuser with their essential oil assortment, which comes with 6 therapeutic grade oils and oh. my. gosh. I am in heaven. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very particular about smells. People always comment that I smell good, and I’m slightly obsessed with having my home and classroom smell nice, too. It’s kind of my thing.

Last year after a massage, I became fixated with the glorious, calming smell of the spa. While I love my apple or pine plug-in scents, nothing comes close to the aroma of a spa. Plus I read that the plug-ins actually aren’t very healthy for you, so the idea of filling my home with essential oils appealed to me. I never achieved the degree of scent I wanted from the reed diffusers; they emitted smells as you walked by them, but that’s about it. Well, my friends, I’m pleased to share that my quest to bring the spa home is over.

DIY Macaroon Ornament

This post contains affiliate links.

I have always loved macaroons. I love the smooth, light, airy texture, the crunch, and how the pretty pastel sandwich almost melts in your mouth. I love that each treat is like a mini (delicious) present, almost too darling to eat. I love that they remind me of being in Paris. I love that any time you eat them, you feel special and sophisticated.

When I eat them, I want to say, “Hey everyone, look what I’m doing!”, but I’m much too demure and fancy when I’m indulging in the charming little treat to do so (so I Instagram it instead). I also love that macaroons remind me of my mom.

So for her birthday today, I decided to make her macaroon ornaments; now she can have sweet macaroons that will last! You can make your very own macaroon craft, which would not only make adorable ornaments but also cute desk accessories or paper weights. Make them for yourself, your office, or for friends and family. All you need is a few simple supplies, an oven, and you’re ready to go.


Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Basic B****

Do you like:

  • Starbucks?
  • Pumpkin?
  • Pumpkin spice?
  • Pumpkin spice Starbucks?
  • Uggs?
  • Leggings?
  • Leggings and Uggs?
  • iPhones?
  • Forever 21?
  • Instagramming food?
  • Buzzfeed?
  • Greek yogurt?
  • Brunch?
  • Yoga or barre?
  • Lauren Conrad (and you loved her since she was LC)?
  • Rooftop get togethers?
  • Ryan Gosling?
  • A good top knot or messy bun?

If you answered yes to these, and especially if you are a white female in your late teens and early twenties, I’m sorry to tell you, but you are what many in pop culture consider “basic.”

How to Take Control of Laundry

Today, I am opening up about what I consider the biggest challenge in my marriage: laundry.

What? Were you expecting something more juicy? Marriage does not have to be hard, but certainly there are obstacles you have to work through together, and our biggest obstacle is laundry. With the addition of our little Ginny and me teaching part-time as well as freelance writing coupled with my husband hating to fold laundry, it’s difficult for us to keep up with everything. The result? Full blown crazy panic attacks from yours truly when I go downstairs and see that a laundry tornado tore up the entire back half of our basement. Yes, I’m crazy, but this truly gives me enraged anxiety, making me feel overwhelmed with all of the other tasks and duties I have.

Instead of letting this continue to be a problem, I came up with a solution. As much as I’m sure my husband loves to take the brunt of my manic cleaning anxiety attacks, we figured out a much better solution.

November Fashion (part 1)

Welcome to November! I’m participating in another daily fashion theme challenge this month; be sure to link up with me on Facebook and Instagram to participate and share your outfits with me. You can check out my October looks here: part 1, part 2, and part 3. This week, the themes were:

  • Nice and toasty: I wore my blanket scarf from Frou Frou & Frill (so glad I came across this store! Trendy items and free shipping on all orders.)
  • Totally tasseled: I paired an orange and gold tassel necklace with my Bebe tassel bag that I use daily as my teacher bag.
  • No nonsense neutrals: Leopard is a neutral.
  • Layers: I’ve always wanted to try layering a sweater over a dress…so I did!
  • Wrist easy: When in doubt, grab all the bangles in site.
  • Boots: I wore my favorite two-toned boots and tried layers another way – under my dress. It’s a fun way to transform a basic dress.
  • Distressed darling: Word. I love distressed graphic tees.
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