My New Coffee Table Accessories

Yesterday my little family and I went on a nice Saturday shopping outing, and I am thrilled with my purchases! I’m so excited to share my clothing and jewelry choices in later fashion posts this fall, but for now, I want to show you my new coffee table styling choices.

I love gold, I always have. I wore gold accessories when only silver was cool. I thank my parents for getting me a few gold rings when I was young because my unique gold claddagh ring and classic gold and diamond band that I still wear today were the catalysts to my obsession.

It’s no surprise that my house is filled with gold and brass accents. I feel it adds a comfy warmth to any room with a touch of elegance. While I have had fun styling other tables in my house using my coffee styling tips and tricks, my main living room table remained bare. I don’t know why I thought that because we have a baby that our table must be kept plain…except for the remote controls, baby toys, chap stick, snack wrappers, and other odds and ends.

Skincare Products That Work

*I received products in exchange for an honest review. I stand behind any products I recommend 100%. This post contains affiliate links.

I take my skincare very seriously these days. After years of hiding behind layers of makeup during periodic breakouts and having hyperpigmentation , I decided to take charge of my skin. When I started my Everyday Skin Routine and found products that actually worked for me, I felt I finally understood my skin. Now when I consider adding and trying new products, I don’t take it lightly. Gone are the days of trying every drugstore product and switching each month in a desperate search to find products that worked for me. I love drugstore products, don’t get me wrong, but I needed something more.

Any products I recommend come from thorough research and time invested in trying them so I can provide honest assessments. So here you are, some of my favorite new products from Toulon.

I already knew and trusted Toulon because of their amazing eye cream, great for puffiness, wrinkles, and tired-looking eyes. As a working mom, I have really benefited from giving my eyes the extra love and care they need.

11 Ways to Combat Stress Right Now

I am a very odd person.

I can feel physically bothered to my very core from seeing dust around my house. I feel anxiety when plans are not set in stone. My stress manipulates itself in my stomach, causing nervous belly aches when I hear a ‘mouth smacking’ noise. However, with all of my annoyingly peculiar triggers that instigate huge amounts of internal stress, I am the calming force among anyone around me. See, I told you, I am odd.

I have always been the go-to person of my family and friends in moments of crisis and tension because, although I may not personally have it all together, I excel and comforting others and making them view situations differently. Even as a child, I prided myself on my optimism and positivity, which sometimes bothered my parents. See, if I was being scolded and sent to my room, I would go with a smile on my face and find something to play with in there. As I’ve matured, I have learned to use my positive energy to help people in my life de-stress and want to share some tips on how to calm yourself at the moment of crisis.

Simple Theme Day Costumes

My normal fashion theme routine was somewhat interrupted when my school had homecoming week, which comes with my favorite time of the school year – theme days!  I notoriously put in at least ten times the effort of the students when it comes to the costumes, but hey, I have a reputation to uphold. (See last year’s Effie costume as a reference.)

These simple costumes can be used for office or school theme days, parties, or Halloween. The theme days were: ‘Merica Monday, Superhero Tuesday, Powder Blue Wednesday, and Pajama Thursday.

The rest of the month I’m participating in an October fashion challenge with a group of people in Instagram – some of the themes look challenging, but I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to interpret the themes and hope you join along with me! To join in, visit me on Facebook and Instagram, post your pictures, and use the hashtag #wearwhatwhereoctober.

How to Help a Baby With a Cold

Affiliate links included.

Sniffles. Runny nose. Sad little barking cough. Stuffed up tiny noses with congestion. When your baby or child has a cold, your heart will break for them. As a parent, all you want to do is take pain and discomfort away from your little ones, but with a cold, you cannot simply give your child medicine and make them feel better.

Do not give your baby or toddler cough or cold medicine; it has not been proven effective in treating the symptoms of the common cold, and in fact, can be fatal.

My Statement Jewelry Theme of the Week

Fashion theme weeks continue! Last week’s statement jewelry pushed me out of my standard go-to gold pieces that I wear every day to find fun ways to wear items that never get any use.

For day one’s jewelry, I chose a multi-colored jeweled statement necklace and paired it with a dressy black tee with leather detail (not pictured). On day two, I channeled my inner Pretty Pretty Princess and grabbed my sparkly pink jewels – a two-strand tear drop necklace and oversized jeweled flower cuff. I like how the pink really pops against the black lace top. I think day three was my favorite because of the outfit and unlikely color combination of the cantaloupe colored necklace, chartreuse blouse, and modern hounds-tooth patterned skirt. Day four allowed me to rekindle my love for this unique turquoise colored necklace adorned with none other than…beetles! I picked up this scarab statement necklace while visiting the pyramids in Egypt. I normally wouldn’t put two such bold, contrasting colors together, but these fashion theme weeks are all about trying new things. Finally, my geometric drop earrings added a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.