Lemon Whipped Cream Cake

Every year on my husband’s birthday, we have a great tradition. Well, I have a great tradition, I’m not sure how he feels about it. Every year, I ask him what kind of birthday cake he wants (even though I already know), and every year when he requests lemon cake, I tease him. Even though I absolutely adore the refreshing citrus flavors, it’s not birthday cake – who’s with me on this?

I set out to make a new recipe this year, and after mixing and matching a few of my favorite recipes, I came up with this delicious Lemon Whipped Cream Cake. The cake has a pound cake type of feel to it, though it’s not as dense, and the lightness of the whipped cream frosting pairs wonderfully with it. Don’t forget to have a cold glass of milk ready immediately after eating.

While I still assert this is not a birthday cake, I did very much enjoy it, and think it would be great for showers, brunch, afternoon tea, or just because. I mean really, do we need a reason for cake?

February Fashion

I am loving February’s fashion themes so far! Filled with pink, red, blush, and hearts, I’m feeling very girly this month, and I’m not complaining about it. In case you’re new here and not familiar, I participate in daily themed fashion challenges on Instagram, and they’re so much fun.

They provide purpose to choosing clothes and push you to try new styling and to use the clothes you already own but maybe never wear. I’d love to you to join in whenever you feel like it – just connect with me on Instagram or Facebook where I post the monthly calendar. If you don’t have something to match the theme exactly, it doesn’t matter – half of the fun is stretching the themes and seeing what you and others come up with.

You can check out the last few months of fashion challenges: January, December, November, October.


What It’s Like Being an Instagram Husband

Thank you to my husband, Justin, for writing this guest post.

We were driving home from a holiday brunch when my wife shouted out something along the lines of “oh my God that’s perfect!”

Did we discover a hidden amount of money that was going to make our lives so much easier?  No.  Did I come up with a brilliant solution to one of life’s great mysteries?  Not even close.  Did I just unveil a secret gift that I had been waiting for the perfect moment to give her and this was that moment!?!?  I wish.  No, what we discovered was something pretty unremarkable (although my wife might tell you differently).  What we happened across on that day was simply a plain white brick wall.

That’s right.

Just a plain.




The Importance of Accepting Compliments

“I love your outfit! You look so pretty.”

“Oh this is from the clearance rack at TJ Maxx- I had nothing else to throw on.”

“You look really great- I love your hair and makeup.”

“Ugh, I can never get my hair to cooperate and my skin is so broken out…but thanks.”

Do these conversations sound familiar? As girls, we were somehow programmed to reject compliments while simultaneously finding ways to point out our flaws in a matter of seconds. Though we may actually feel flattered, we always somehow manage to try to convince the complimenter of their error. If you think about it, this really makes no sense. Why did you spend an hour watching makeup tutorials about covering up your problem area skin, buy new makeup, and then carefully apply it? Because you wanted to hide your blemishes, of course. Then why, after all of your time and preparation, do you negate your successful execution by pointing out that actually you do not have good skin after all, going back and forth until you’ve tried your best to convince the complimenter that she’s wrong.


The End of January Fashion Themes

I know we feel this way every month, but how is it February already? A new month brings new fashion theme challenges on Instagram, but before we jump into February, check out the last looks from January. Here were the themes:

  • What’s it all a boot?
  • Rose quartz and serenity: Who doesn’t love a rosy heart printed cardigan?
  • Pinned it: I had my eye on this sweatshirt for a while on Pinterest
  • Turtleneck
  • Risky business: Channeling Tom Cruise in a crisp white button down.
  • Flat footed: Pink and cream patent leather saddle shoes? Yes please!
  • FURever yours
  • Full price confession: Wearing my adorable new floral purse; a gift from my sister, who will not confess the full price : )
  • Passion for prints
  • The deal is a heel
  • Black ice
  • Dress relief
  • Red lip classic: I got that red – lip – classic thing that you likkkkke
  • Bonus look: Floral crown for my daughter’s whimsical woodland birthday party.

Responding to Negativity With Kindness

One of my greatest, natural strengths since I was a kid is the ability and desire to respond to negativity with kindness. I have been getting questioned, especially recently, with people inquiring how I have it in me to respond kindly and why I choose to respond that way. There is no mystery here, and I’m happy to share this with you, but only keep reading if you choose to really have an open mind.

The people who act rudely, maliciously, or who are overtly judgmental need kindness the most, even when they’re taking serious jabs at you. Think about it – when you’re attacked, do you ever think, “Wow, how could XYZ say that to me? How can you talk to someone like that?” It’s a valid question – how can someone have it in them to be so nasty and hurtful? People say or write things that you could never fathom saying out loud. But something from within these people is broken, and even if you are hurt from it, it’s only a sad byproduct of the true issue – a real, internal problem within that person.